LA Is a Romantic Place

Randy Newman and I both love LA.

It's everything a city can be, in all ways. That means it has a romantic pulse, one that can sometimes be lost beneath the traffic and general hubbub.

A number of newer buildings and destinations are upping its standing in this area. And way, way up on that list? Urban Light.

Picture 202 historic lampposts clustered in a few tight rows. Picture all of those lamps aglow each night. Picture it as a permanent artwork in front of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

It's quite spectacular, even in the daytime, and has become a favorite for engagement photos (and the occasional buzz-by courtesy of a dressy wedding party). Movies and music videos are heading there, too, to film.

Does it cross my mind that Urban Light is but a 45-second walk from where The Wilfair Hotel and Motel Fairwil sit in a not-so-distant parallel universe? It does. Often.

I even gave it a one-line shout-out in "Stay Awhile." I hope Fair and co. find their way back to the 202 lampposts for some reason. It's really, really, really pretty. And almost camera-meltingly romantic.

Some favorite photos of Chris Burden's wondrous work of art.

courtesy kien lam photography

credit kevitivity

credit megan west


Erika said...

I loved visiting those lamps with Alex! It was a ton of fun and people were getting really creative with their photos. :) we want to go back and see it at night some time.

Wilfair Book said...

I meant to ask if you two got to visit the lightposts! I knew you were going to swing by the tar pits. I'm so glad.

Yep, come up some time and check 'em out after dark! They're prettiest around dusk, methinks.

Then you can go have an Irish Coffee at Tom Bergin's Tavern down Fairfax. An ideal evening.

Caitlin said...

Learning of Urban Light's existence was the tipping point from "I'd like to visit LA and meet Alysia someday" to "I AM going to visit LA and meet Alysia someday." :)

Wilfair Book said...

Caitlin, get out here! I have ideas for our corner photo already. Oh yes I do.

Kelly said...

Wilfair walking tour stop #723!

Urban Lights looks delightful! I am such a sucker for pretty lights. If a rubbish dump was bedecked with fairy lights I would probably stand and gaze wistfully at it.

Wilfair Book said...

Agreed. Lighting does change everything. I would rather sit in a room that's too dark than have shouty lights overhead.

(I'm sure I don't have to explain shouty lights. Just those lights that rattle your brain with a certain brightness.)

Speaking of lights, what's the street in London that goes all out at the holidays? Oxford? I'd like to see that. Is it a worthwhile visit?

And Urban Light is definitely a stop on the Wilfair walk. See you in LA, Kelly!

Kelly said...

Yep Oxford street. It's one of the main shopping areas in central London, and most of the main roads in that area go all out. This year Oxford St had some slightly puzzling (but very English) marmite themed lights!

One of my favourite Christmas rituals is to head up to that area the first weekend after Bonfire night, grab an overly sugary Christmas themed coffee and a mince pie, and then wander round the shops whilst checking out all the lights. If the weather is not too rainy and the crowds are not too crazy it always feels like a bit of the London you see in movies has snuck out into the real world!

Chiara said...

That looks so cool! One day I will make it across the pond to LA, meet you, collect my snickerdoodle and go and see the 202 :)

Wilfair Book said...

Kelly: That Oxford Street picture you painted was fab. That's how I sometimes feel when I'm sitting on a pier eating a fish taco while watching surfers. As if a bit of movie LA has snuck out into the world.

Marmite lights? Believe me, Google is my next stop after this comment.

Mince pie is something I mean to explore every yuletide season.

Chiara: Your snickerdoodle is waiting! Well, not exactly your snickerdoodle, because it might get a little dry and crumbly before then. You'll get a fresh one. I will look forward!

Wilfair Book said...

Ha ha ha, marmite in lights! This is pretty great.

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