"Stay Awhile" Quote Posters

You met Caitlin on Friday, courtesy of her Reader Spotlight (see post below). Here are the "quote posters" she designed around four "Stay Awhile" lines.

Beautifully designed, I'll add. Wow.

I was absolutely tickled when she sent them my way, out of the blue, a few weeks ago. And the lines she picked out? I'm so happy; almost all of them fall into my "I grunted over and hammered away at that line" column. Thank you, Caitlin.

(Also, her selection of the perfect symbol for the character who said the line, and the unifying red theme, fall into my "hell yeah!" column.)


Caitlin said...

Oh gosh, I feel all famous now. Thanks for the kind words, Alysia!

Erika said...

Caitlin, these are awesome!!

Chiara said...

These are awesome!!

do dah said...

Fabulous job, Caitlin!

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