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? (thank you, wealhtheow!)


wealhtheow said...

I think of Thurs more as ( ) or @. Possibly even ? or #.

Is my Thurs love starting to veer into unhealthy fixation? Because if it's wrong, I don't want to be right.

Wilfair Book said...

? is MUCH better. Changed, with credit to you. Thanks, wealhtheow!

I support your Thurs fixation and will do whatever I can to encourage it.

Btw, I've been playing Aux Champs Elysee a lot around the house since we discussed it and my husband is now fully obsessed. It's his "song of the month."

do dah said...

i just read a post the other day characterizing 90s famous people crushes as food. and actually thought it would be amusing to do with wilfair, although some of the characters have pretty strong food associations already. and then i get them as symbols instead! apparently i'm supposed to think about how things are represented this weekend.

i also found out that i was not alone in having had a crush on gabriel byrne, so that was reassuring. i always want to explain it as him having been in good things, and then i look up his filmography and... yeah, that wasn't it. apparently, represented as food, he is a fancy alcohol i've never had.

and ? is good. it even has a hair swoop, sort of, if you squint.

wealhtheow said...

OMG, do dah, it DOES have a hair swoop!!

wealhtheow said...

Also, you are so not alone in your Gabriel Byrne crush. Just keep thinking of him in The Usual Suspects and ignore the majority of his other filmography.

Wilfair Book said...

One of the first things I saw when I'd barely cracked an eye this morning were the words "Gabriel Byrne" on my phone. And I felt assured it would be a very good day.

Characters as food! Yes. There's more to explore here.

? does have a hair swoop! You ladies know connections like this are cat nip to me. (Alysia nip?) Thanks for noticing, do dah!

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