So I'm trying something new (for me) with "Fairwil": A corkboard.

Fact: Few things are as exciting as an empty corkboard. I mean, c'mon. Squishy squishy cork! You've seen all of the incredible crafty projects one can do with cork, right?

I love systems, like Sutton loves systems, and I thought sticking all the main plot points onto a board in front of me, rather than filing them in a Word doc, might be interesting. I like it so far.

The Post-it colors mean things. And that's indeed the whole book in the photo -- Post-its get moved down and right as finer points and moments get filled in. These are simply the stones in the stones-pebbles-sand arrangement.

I can see around the last third of the book I have too much blue, so I need more yellow and red. The lonely green Post-it to the side is the "don't forget about these littler things!" reminder.

Do you have systems for big projects? Feel free to share.

This reminds me of when I posted the Wilfair Callback Poster and the lovely Bess thought that the words "motel sign" might be the words "mutt yoga."

Turns out mutt yoga was not in the third book but the motel sign definitely was. Still though. Mutt yoga. Hmm. That's my kind of zany.


Erika said...

Empty cork board is a bit like crack to me. I want to decorate it and cover it up. Not because I dislike cork but because the space BEGS to be used up.

When I have a big project going on I am a big proponent of the to-do list, followed by an excel spread sheet or a flow chart. If it's creative I often need a posterboard sized flow chart. Which drives everyone nuts because I get secretive and write in shorthand-- this sometimes blows up in my face as I stare at old flow charts and think things like, "what on earth does that even mean?!"

Wilfair Book said...

Oh man. MANY times during the writing of these books similar things have happened for me. I'll scribble the word "recliner" on some scrap of paper, sure I've just hit on a perfect plot point, and then two days later I'm like "what the what?"

kitzie said...

My room when I was a teen had a cork wall. (You could totally imagine me and Dr Dave hanging in front of that wall, he even indirectly mentioned it in his note.) I filled that up with all the little bits of my day to day: little pop-y things. I bet it was the STRANGEST for others to look at.

I'm amazed at your order. (Especially the color coding!) I basically have to make Excel lists that I check off as I go or I jot things on my calendar. I...wouldn't recommend it.

Caitlin said...

Color coding is near and dear to my heart.

do dah said...

i love cork boards. but i tend to use organizational systems as a super form of procrastination and ultimately have to give up on them and cram in my project before the deadline. and then i spend the next year or so mourning my abandoned organizational system and feeling a lot bit guilty. and then i have to guilt-shop for a new set of office supplies, so i can organize the next thing even more stylishly...

Kelly said...

I love cork boards mostly because I'm a hoarder, and they give me a place to stick all my ticket stubs and postcards and other bits of memories I'm too attached to to throw away.

At home I'm not super organised, but at work I have very specific systems for tracking different projects, with to-do lists, carefully colour coordinated post-it's and highlighters. I should probably upgrade to something a bit more techy since I work at an IT consultancy, but I can never give up the satisfaction of crossing things off, and ripping down all the post-it's when I'm done.

Wilfair Book said...

kitzie: I do like Excel lists. Also, I feel like I might actually know Dr. Dave now. Is that weird? That might be weird.

Caitlin: Color coding? Yes! Me too!

do dah: It's funny what you said about procrastination. I actually fear I do that with internet bookmarking. I'll see an intriguing article and bookmark it and that mere act will give me the satisfaction of doing something. Bookmarking might be an area I need to address, seriously, soon.

Kelly: Crossing stuff out is the best. I do it, too, with a dramatic flourish. I'm glad you're a cork board fan as well. They seem old-school but I feel like the fans are plentiful. And, moreover, they get the job done.

Highlighters, too. I have issues. Too many highlighters. How many does one woman need?

do dah said...

17. is apparently how many highlighters i need. because that's how many i own.

Wilfair Book said...

I can't beat 17, but I probably have a dozen. I never use the neons though I always buy the neons because, well. They're neon! Bright! Pretty!

do dah, I have a photo I need to send you. It's me reading the book you recommended! I know! Isn't that geeky? I have guests coming but I will send it soon.

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