The Permutations of Sutton

I try to never give a character a name of somebody I know, or know well. Some of the minor characters in the books do share the names of my friends, but the main people? Nope.

And some names went through changes. Fair has been Fair since day one, but Monty and Gomery were Tommy and Thom for a brief time (love those names, but when "Montgomery" twirled by my line of vision I snatched it up right quick and never let go).

Sutton also had a different name, one I really love but knew I probably wouldn't keep: Jone.

The sticky wicket there? I have a wonderful pal named Jone, the early inspiration for the name. (The spelling makes me happy.)

So I bid a sad goodbye to the name and thought a bit more. I don't know any Suttons, so I was able to think of our Sutton with a clear mind.

And it fits her now, in my mind. Something about the "t" sound in the middle is very crisp and very her.

The real Jone, by the way, has just about the world's most interesting job: She's the Communications Director for American Humane, the organization behind the "No Animals Were Harmed" designation you see in a movie's end credits.

This means that she does some very important stuff. Gotta keep an eye on our working animal actors.

And the fun part of her gig? If you see a dog or a cat or a horse or a hedgehog on screen, chances are good that Jone has cuddled them during an on-set visit.

Here's my pretty lady with Uggie, star of "The Artist." Did you love "The Artist"? Did you looooove Uggie? This picture makes a little jealous but so thrilled, too. I want to hold Uggie so much.

And Uggie at work, with the marvelous Jean Dujardin.

bottom photo: "The Artist"


Erika said...

I want her job so bad.

Serious job envy right now.

Wilfair Book said...


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