The Wilfair Encyclopedia

So remember how last year we listed a lot of the items found within the books? Neckties and evening gloves and such?

I loved that exercise, but, more than that, it proved to be very helpful for me. I checked back on the list a few times while writing "Stay Awhile." It's true that I have many of the details appearing in the books jotted down, but I didn't have absolutely everything on the same page.

With that in mind, I decided to create a full-scale index-glossary-dictionary-encyclopedia-type thingie. I was going to do it for myself, as a resource, but then I thought, "heck, let's make it a blog thing, dang it!"

Seriously. I was exclamation-point excited about the idea.

So the list is now live -- you can see it is a new tab up top -- and it is a big'n. Believe me when I say it is a work in progress, and even as I was hitting "publish" I saw things needing tweaking. And I'm sure I'll remember stuff I need to add.

I'm calling it "The Wilfair Encyclopedia," which sounds pretty hoity-toity, but I'll keep it. Unless you have a better name! Taking suggestions.

Thank you for getting this ball rolling a few months ago with the initial lists! It's true: I do love details and minutia when I write, small items that can come into play multiple times or just serve to festoon the story in some way. The encyclopedia reveals that I *really* love them. Hoo boy. There are many. Many many.

Oh! If you haven't read all three books, there will be stuff within the encyclopedia that will spoil things. Please tread carefully.

Now, a photo of cherries, which make a few showings on the list.

photo: Balaji.B


Erika said...

First thing I looked up: fire. Ahhh yeah, love the new tab!

Wilfair Book said...

Erika! Your "ahhh yeah" makes me want to shout "ahhh yeah," so I'm gonna. Thanks!

Erika said...

Imagine shades, psychedelic lighting, and a slow nod with that 'ahhhhhh yeah' I certainly did :)

P.s. the security thing at the bottom confirming that I am a real person but autocorrected my word to 'Motels' it made me smile like a bit of a dork. ;)

Erika said...

No idea why I wrote 'but' please ignore it

Wilfair Book said...

Auto-correct has been hanging around this blog a little too long. :)

But acting like a dork is always welcomed and encouraged.

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