Very Big + Very Small

Wisecracking in the Face of Wonder is my favorite genre to read and, yep, to write. But another genre that's tied to that, and one that I also love, is Very Big + Very Small.

Let's call them cousin genres.

Very Big + Very Small is what's happening when an everyday situation or a normal, non-magical group of people shift from discussing their ho-hum problems to eternal themes or questions that are possibly unanswerable. It's a giant leap, with no stopping or resting in the middle.

But the questioners don't let go of their everyday lives. The Small is still present. It's what grounds them and holds them as they take on the Big. I like the juxtaposition, but then I like opposites.

Motel Fairwil is the embodiment of this concept for me. It's a tired little motel, pure Small, a building we've seen a thousand times in our lives. But there's a lot of Big swirling around it, too.

I'm of the firm belief there's a lot of Big in all of our Smalls. Call that a Wilfair theme, too.

e.e. cummings said it best:


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