You in Fiction

Do you look like anyone famous?

I'm rarely told that I do (although the most recent one I heard was "the brunette from ABBA"). But several of my friends and relatives have compared me for many years to Mary Poppins. That's personality-wise, I believe, not appearance (oh, to look like beautiful Julie Andrews -- a dream).

It's gotten to the point where I had my photo taken *with* Mary Poppins and sent it to my brother and he refused to believe it.

My favorite thing about the character? She adores order yet remains open to whimsy and fun. And she can gently excoriate, too, if she sees things getting out of hand. I love her prim but forgiving management style.

Cheers, P.L. Travers.

Who are you in fiction? I guess the question has two parts: Who do your friends say you are, and what character would you like to be?

I suppose I'd stick with Mary Poppins for both parts. Also, she has a magic carpetbag and hangs out with chimney sweeps.

(Who I see myself as in the Wilfair world is for another post. Everyone and no one is probably the right answer, though I probably lean closer to certain people in temperament and traits.)

credit: Disney


Caitlin said...

I don't think any of my friends have ever told me that I'm like a fictional character, but I have had several strangers tell me I look like Molly Ringwald. This is puzzling to me, as I do not have red hair and I am nowhere near as pretty as she. But thanks, random strangers!

A few internet quizzes have told me I'm like Elinor Dashwood: private, practical, loyal. I think the comparison used to be a bit more true a few years ago than it is now (I've gotten more outspoken). I wish I had more of her selflessness, though.

Wilfair Book said...

Molly Ringwald! If several strangers have told you, that might constitute a trend. She's so pretty.

She also influenced my vintage-loving ways in "Pretty in Pink."

Elinor Dashwood is le ultimate. That is all.

do dah said...

oh my gosh! caitlin! we must be twins, because i get molly ringwald too! although in my case i'm pretty sure it's the hair, because i also get told i look like every red-headed actress ever... except katharine hepburn. which is disappointing, because she's iconically kick-ass. but, duh, she was actually black and white for her first couple decades, right?

i've never been told i was like a fictional character either, i don't think. no, wait: i did get the tasmanian devil from looney toons once. hmm.

and on julie andrews: has anyone ever seen the movie unconditional love? there's a scene where something is wrong on an airplane, but then everyone finds out that julie andrews is on the plane ("oh, thank god!") and her presence makes everything better. i think about this A LOT. and reference it to... myself... because it is not a popular movie. (which may be deserved, as i love it completely until the lazy ending, which felt kind of like a betrayal)

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