Comments and questions? Adore. Relish. Love. I cuddle them to my heart and stroke them and pet them and ponder them and eventually answer them. Well, most of the time! If I ever miss yours say "hey, Alysia! You didn't see my comment. What gives?" And I'll be on it, lickety-split. 

Apologies. Daily life.

But sometimes a comment taps into something that could and should be bubbled up. (Well, they all do, or they further discussions. Did I mention I love and pet and hug your comments? Yes.)

Here's Erika's question from the Training Wheels Off post. I've included it in full, plus my answer, plus a detail from cover #5. A cover that may evolve still but I don't mind giving a peek at an early draft now.

Erika said...

I have been visiting this blog post almost everyday since it went up and it makes me want to write a fanfic about a freak cold front in LA featuring Gomery and Fair. *le sigh*

It really is a great piece of art and it really works for this series I think. :)

Question: (I am sure you've answered this before but...) how many books do you foresee in this series?

Wilfair Book said...

Hoo boy. What an interesting comment, dear Erika!

1. If you ever write about the freak cold front, guaranteed I will publish here at Wilfair HQ. Just putting that out there for you, the universe, and anyone who stops by. Guaranteed! Why shouldn't fanfic have a place here? I like it.

2. I have a fifth book cover. It is sitting on my computer. It is named after a hotel (not really a spoiler). I will likely put this cover up, or a version of it, some time this summer, when I see how everything is playing out in this fourth book.

In short? I'll probably need a fifth to finish. Not that everything needs to be neatly tied up, but there are plenty of questions to answer. (And I'd like to aim for mostly neatly tied up on almost all fronts.)

And then the Wilfair series will be wrapped up.


But if the months and years pass, and I have time, and people are interested, I might revisit the series, somehow. That might mean writing a book for all the other hotels mentioned (a bit ambitious) or it might mean something else much shorter. It might not even mean books.

I'm open. Mostly I don't want to drag things out. I'm happy with well-timed endings.

So let's call it a solid five books for now, with a tiny asterisk that says I'll keep a finger in this world, forever and always, should life and time and energy and my wonderful readers again converge.

Thanks for asking!

-- One more note. I'd still be game to do four, but I'm not sure I want the fourth to be quite as long as "Stay Awhile." I'm hoping to return to slightly perter lengths, a la "Wilfair" and "Redwoodian."


do dah said...

i always (for three months, or whatever?) assumed there would be four books, with the question "will fair?" answered, in some direction, as "fair will." but now i'm excited for more!

myrandaroyann said...

Yay! I'm always excited for more books to enjoy! :)

myrandaroyann said...

Also, how long have you had a Tumblr?! I just saw the link and had to follow you immediately! ;) You probably won't want to follow me back because I am a crazy fandom blogger. :)

Wilfair Book said...

do dah: Hi! Thanks! I'll write more on Wilfair? Fairwil! one day soon.

myranda: Sister, I'm following you! On the Tumblr! Are you kidding? I'm so excited. I haven't been on for long. I'll do a whole post soon. Can I post your Tumblr link, too?

Ha, crazy fandom bloggers! I'm a fangirl to my core over a hundred things. It's all good!

myrandaroyann said...

Um, yeah, you can post the link but if people figure out that I'm crazy, I'm blaming you! ;)

Nikki said...

I just found the Wilfair world, but I'm already keeping my fingers crossed for some revisiting after the fifth book. *emphatic nodding and magnifying of that tiny asterisk*

I'm also seeing an anthology containing a short story for each hotel, and suddenly wishing I were a fanfic writer.

And you know I can't help but see that tease of a cover and try guessing which hotel it's referencing. First guess? Funeral Inn. Second and third? Innigma or AutomaTowers. But don't answer! Not until you're ready for the final reveal, of course.

Caitlin said...

I like the poetic symmetry of starting with "Will Fair?" and ending with "Fair Will." but I like the promise of a fifth book even more. :)

Wilfair Book said...

myranda: I've been poring over your Tumblr and I'm loving it!

Nikki: Ohhhh, anthology. Yep. That's where I got my start in traditional publishing, anthologies, so I have a soft heart for them.

I like your cover guesses! Of course, there is always Sour Suites, which is near San Diego and on a chasm. Not technically owned by the Finley family, but it could be one day.

I'm not sure if this cover will stay, especially since I'm changing things up slightly. But I couldn't not share a little of it, since I've had it for a long time.

Here's a fun thing: I have a Wilfair cover for something that isn't even technically in the series. I kind of went on a cover spree a couple of years ago. I'll post about this extra cover soon.

Caitlin: Yep, for sure. There've been a few little twists and turns along the way for this project, and they've generally resulted in interesting developments, so I'm not stressing too much.

Here's another secret: Long ago, when I was still writing the first book, "Fairwil" was book two.

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