Aisle 20 Fortunes

Oh, it's true: I'm clapping like somebody who just did her first cartwheel. Reader Fortunes continue on! Yay!

Today it is Lady Jamila's turn to learn what Monty and Gomery's neighborhood grocery store says about her future. I've had a peek and it's pretty nice, as most things associated with those two are (well, Monty would say that, but his cousin might demure out of polite unboastfulness).

Aisle 20 of the Overboves' store is one of the best aisles. If I could only eat from one grocery store aisle for the rest of my days I might choose this one. I know, I know, I should choose produce, and I probably would, but the aisle with cheese! And biscuits in tubes! And discount wine! And pastries! Is very tempting.

The Wilfair stuff is up first, and then Ms. Jamila's outlook.

For Wilfair: A bear (something about the bear against the red label made me think of the bears on the red stained-glass windows of The Redwoodian), dinner rolls (Sutton likes to lob 'em), cake (if the Wilfair books were to emit a smell, I hope that smell would be cake just out of the oven), cookies (Fair's never baked 'em, a bit to her embarrassment),  and donuts, because, as mentioned, it is a nicer word than "don't." Oh, and a percentage sign, because Fair and Gomery like to parse matters by their percentages.

(Hi! That's me above the bear!)

And now, Lady Jamila, here's your future. I see grand and golden things for you and I recommend that you go for both in equal measure. A fresh take may be required to do so, but it won't be too hard. Here's to your grand/golden days ahead!


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