Art of Wilfair

Two new blogs will now operate adjacent to Wilfair HQ. Hooray! Root-toot-a-toot! I'm happy, as my carefree root-toot-a-toot-ing would imply.

You might have seen one pop up in the tabs in the last few days: Art of Wilfair.

I've wanted a single place where the books' covers, posters, some character art I commissioned, and reader artwork (hi, Caitlin!) could live together in joyful harmony.

Plus! There's more to come. This week or next, in fact!

I love art. If I see art across the room, and I'm sitting enjoying a cocktail, sometimes I'll catch art's eye, wave it over, seductively pat my knee, and say "come sit right here on my lap, art, because I am very into you. I can't be coy about it."

If you're ever compelled to draw anything from the books or create a motel out of toothpicks or design a fancy dog collar for Fossy, please know now it'll go on Art of Wilfair. This I vow.

The site is still changing a bit, and I'd like to add some more info for each piece, but I couldn't wait to get it up, all official-like.


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