Caitlin Visits Wilshire and Fairfax!

Los Angeles, being a world city and sitting on the edge of a continent, tends to have a lot of passing-through traffic. Much of that traffic comes from travelers flying to or from Hawaii and Japan and Australia. A long layover is common, and while travelers aren't always *thankful about the wait, I semi-selfishly am.

LA's hub status means I get to see a lot of friends, including my closest college pal (she now resides in New Zealand -- lucky). I usually devise some mad-dash plan that takes exactly 75 minutes and often involves a) a stretching class (people on flights get into knots) or b) a beer (sometimes after stretching class).

Caitlin was my most recent mad-dash, layover-high-jinks friend.

You've met this delightful reader in the comments and her Reader Spotlight. She loves "Anne of the Island" like we all do and she is very smart and she has a cute cat named Oliver and we have many similar interests. So when Caitlin said "hey, I'm coming through LA!" I said "hey, let's have lunch!"

So we did. We ran through Farmers Market (it's in the books!) and I showed her the tar pits and the museum and the pub Monty and Fair and Sutton and Gomery will all hang at one day. (Readers Erika, wealhtheow, and kitzie know these places, oh yes they most certainly do.)

Then it was time for our Wilshire Boulevard-Fairfax Avenue photo.

I instituted a prop policy with the last reader photo, since I felt each picture should have its own flavor. For Caitlin? Mardi Gras-style masks. YES. (The shadow at the right in the photo is a woman who stood there pondering "why are those two wearing masquerade-type masks and posing at this random city corner on this warm LA day?" She seriously was kind of giggling, but in a nice way.)

Caitlin, you are a treasure and so fun. Come back soon!

* By the way, is it weird that I personally like layovers? More time for snacks/magazine-browsing.


kitzie said...

Nice tights Alysia! It looks lovely there, what a great day for a visit.

Wilfair Book said...

It was slightly too warm, but a pretty day. I told Caitlin how LA can actually be a bit chilly and damp in the spring, but her visit day proved otherwise.

Thanks for the tights shout-out! I love them, even if they do leave little diamond impressions behind if I've sat for too long.

do dah said...

well done with the color coordination, ladies! way to set high photographic standards. sounds like y'all had fun :)

Caitlin said...

WAIT. You mean that wasn't a dream?? :)

Guys, I was so exhausted from traveling and basically being awake for over 24 hours at that point that I was almost delirious. Alysia very graciously put up with my frequent tangents and a few times I just completely lost the thread of the conversation altogether. I'm also convinced she bent the laws of time and space to get me back to my flight on time.

Wilfair Book said...

do dah: I knew Caitlin was going to wear a pink dress -- she told me -- but I had just bought this red dress and I thought "I want to look fancy, I'm wearin' it!" But then I saw Ms. C and I thought "holy cow, I'm TOTALLY copying her. I hope she doesn't think that's creepy."

But, you know. I never got over that 4th grade phase where I planned matching outfits with my pals the night before an important day of school.

Caitlin: I can only say I am very clutchy and covetous with people I enjoy and I wanted to maximize our time together. That said, I'm very relieved you got back to your plane in time. If you hadn't, though, you know what you missed: drinks and Disneyland! Next time.

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