Easier Commenting

If you comment -- hi and thanks! -- you might notice something new: I've turned off the word verification. My hope? That getting in and saying your piece gets easier.

This also means that I'm now moderating comments to make sure random, spammy stuff does not slip through. So please know your comment will go up pretty quickly, even if you don't see it right away.

You're my guests here and I want your commenting process to be as smooth as possible. Let's give this a go!

* An update. Okay, so after several hours (and more back-end spam management than I expected) I think I might return to our previous commenting method. But please, for reals, if you have tips on improving anything, I welcome them! Email me if you like or leave ideas in the comments.

I like how things flow here but I remain open to improving Wilfair HQ! (Maybe I got a spring cleaning bug today? That happens.)


Erika said...

It may just be me, but I had to open the comments in a new tab to say anything. Right click magic right here.

I don't rightly know if it affects the mobile commenting because I haven't tried that yet but if it is just my computer please let me know.

Wilfair Book said...

Hmmm. Perhaps this is not a time-saver then? I may switch back (partially because I am dealing with a bit of spam).

Thanks, Erika! You may see it swing back to the way it was.

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