Faxy, Yves, Von, and Go

April 9 is Name Yourself Day, that one day of the year when you can call yourself whatever you wish. (Cheers to reader do dah for alerting me! You know this is exactly the kind of stuff I like.)

Just about every kid -- and maybe some adults -- try on different names than the ones they've been given, or at least riff on what they've got.

Do you? Have you?

The characters of "Wilfair" are pretty satisfied with their names, save perhaps Fair Finley, who does give her parents a bit of a hard time over naming her after Fairfax Avenue, one of the Los Angeles streets The Wilfair Hotel faces. (Her brothers Wil and Bo were named after Wilshire Boulevard, the hotel's other street.)

Fair tried to work with "Fax" and "Faxy" when she was about 13, but it didn't take. Too much like "foxy."

Sutton Von Hunt has always liked Sutton, though she has worried over its upper-crust-y sound in the past. Sutton has gone by "Von" before, at school, which she likes, because it is nicely free of gender. She's just happy she wasn't named after a major street, nor does she have to share Sutton with anyone.

Like Monty and Gomery Overbove, who share the name Montgomery. How Monty became Monty and Gomery became Gomery is a story best told by their mothers, but the choices now suit them, they agree.

Monty likely tries on different names still as he pictures how his moniker will appear in the credits of a movie. He sometimes thinks he might go with Yves, his middle name, because he believes it has more romantic flair than Monty. (Writer's note: I must disagree with him.)

His movie director name, then? Yves Overbove. He likes all the "v" action, which he believes sounds rather sexy.

Gomery is easy with being Gomery, though he'll sometimes sign "Montgomery" if he feels formal and doesn't know someone (like Prior) and he'll sometimes sign GXO if he feels less formal (like with Fair). He likes that "Go" is the very start of his name, even if he doesn't go anywhere. Or maybe because he doesn't.

Fun fact: Gomery's main initials are also the initials of Griffith Observatory, one of Gomery's favorite LA hangouts. It's free, it's full of (real) stars, and the city views, especially at night, are sweeping.

Prior's name may or may not be really his. Entertainment reporters have tried to find out for years if the star was born with that star-like first name. His rumored real names are much more plodding and pudding-like than the sleeker "Prior Yates," and the movie star owns up to none of them. Perhaps because his manager advises him not to.

Sometimes, on rare occasions, Thurs Mathers would secretly love a name like Bill. He thinks he might be just moneyed and respected enough to change his name, but he has too many other things on his monogrammed plate to pursue it.


Erika said...

It wasn't until I read this that I realized just how much I love Monty's name. Both Monty and Yves have serious romantic, and movie presence for me.

Wilfair Book said...

I do love both. I have an Yves post ahead, too.

The name Monty has a lot of old-school movie charm for me, for sure, but it also brims with happy mischief.

wealhtheow said...

When I was in elementary school I tried to change my middle name from "May" to "Birch," It didn't take in the slightest.

Interesting side note, though: My mom always said if I had been born just a couple days later I probably would have been an Emily rather than an Amy, because she was just starting to really like that name. And all my life, I have felt far more like an Emily than an Amy.

Wilfair Book said...

Wait, Birch? I love this but I want to know why. Tree fan?

And you know May is a lovely name. Did you see in the Wilfair Encyclopedia that Fair's mom has a month name? I adore month names.

That's funny you've felt more Emily than Amy. My middle name is Anne with an E, and there's a character I'm rather obsessed with who has that name, too. So I've always loved it.

do dah said...

i, of course, love this. what if, in really boring meetings and such, thurs had an ongoing mental series about the adventures of bill? i feel sure there would be a dog involved, because a name like "bill" calls for a canine sidekick. and also maybe a posse of close friends? and he would probably do really normal things, like sit around eating bean dip. because does thurs ever just sit around? i doubt it.

Wilfair Book said...

I LOVE the idea of a canine sidekick! And bean dip. Yes. I approve of all of this. Thanks, Ms. do dah!

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