How This Will End

When I first started thinking about the Wilfair series, I thought about all the stories I'd like to do. I wanted to center each around a hotel, and have that hotel be the title. Done? Done.

I gave the Finley family nine hotels, with a potential tenth property floating out there. The Overboves have two places, neither a true hotel: Motel Fairwil and the Stay Awhile Cabins.

My first thought was that each story could be short-ish, maybe 40-thousand words. I knew this might be a little tricky if the books ever went into print, but I figured three books could be bundled together.

But as I jumped into "Wilfair," then "Redwoodian," then "Stay Awhile," and now "Fairwil," I saw how the stories would unfold. I'm a short-length writer for work but a long writer with fiction, which makes my dream of doing a stand-alone book, something I actually love, harder to achieve.

I aim to be a tight writer, too. I do far more cutting than including as I go. (If I went over to, the place I stick the stuff I didn't use, and put all the words that got cut from the first three books, it would be one giant blog. Oof.)

The upshot? I decided to put four covers on the blog and see how I felt about continuing as I neared the fourth. And where things stood in the story and the mysteries that have been set up. Would I write something for each hotel? Is there story enough? Would all the characters achieve the things they should long before I've reached that seventh or eighth hotel? 


I'm feeling there might be a fifth book at this point. I could wrap it all up in four, but I fear "Fairwil" would be hefty. Too hefty. I have a personal policy against going over a certain word count, and it would exceed it.

Which is all leading up to a post I published last night, and then took down, so I could expand upon it a little. Now I feel as if I've expanded. :) Here's that post.

Endings are positive, and I welcome them, even with projects I've enjoyed, and I really, really enjoy doing this, and I enjoy you, very much.

And I know for a fact I'll be haunted by some of the unwritten stories, and Fair and friends, for a long time to come, but that's kind of fun, too. Everyone should have something nice to haunt them.

But I don't know if that means I'll return to writing about them one day.

So, in the short term? It means a heck of a hefty fourth book, or a nicely sized fourth book and a nicely sized fifth book. And then, the end.

I wonder what the very last word will be? I have a hunch.

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Erika said...

I am glad to hear that there will be a fifth because I was sad about only seeing one more in the works!

I think shorts about the other hotels would be awesome!

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