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Lovely ladies!

I've had the idea of a mailing list in the back of my nargin for a few months now, but it has traveled straight from cerebellum to my frontal lobe with the release of this most recent book. No brain kiss was required to summon it, either.

There've been a few people who read and liked (yay!) "Wilfair" and "Redwoodian" but I don't have contact info for them. So letting them know that "Stay Awhile" is out has been a small exercise in frustration.

But hey, a small exercise in frustration is still exercise, amirite? Thank you, thank you, I'm here all week. Actually, I'll be here for a lot longer and at least for the duration of the series, and probably even after, when I get random ideas about what the characters are up to when they're older and I stop by the blog to type up little "what ever happened to" scenes.


The upshot? I'd like to start a mailing list. The purpose? Let readers know about releases, special happenings, or the next ARC I'm already dreaming of sending out.

If we've talked via email, no worries -- we're good. If we haven't, and you want to be on the list, drop me a line at I'll tuck your email addy away and never share it, only pulling it out to very occasionally tell you "hey! The book is here!" And you can say bye-bye at any time.

I went looking for a mailbox photo for this post but I found so much more. Guys, it is a MANATEE mailbox. How have I gone all of these years without a manatee collecting my magazines and letters? You know the gentle sea cow would ease the shock of coming across that unexpected podiatrist bill.

photo: Joe Shlabotnik


kitzie said...


Wilfair Book said...

This is fact.

Kelly said...

The manatee mailbox is wonderful. There is zero need for and absolutely nowhere to put a mailbox of any kind at my house, and yet I must have it! Maybe it could just hang out on my sofa or something, and I will call it abstract art.

wealhtheow said...

Now I really want a manatee mailbox.

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