Monty at Coachella

So this was actually going to be a "guyz, something is funky with the blog reaction buttons -- the ones that say 'Rrowr' and 'Warm Feelings' and 'Blog More Stuff Like This' -- so I've taken those down while I can figure out the deal. Sowwy!"

But I thought to myself, "Alysia. ALYSIA. You're going to use precious blog space solely to bemoan what is ultimately an html bug? Is there something more interesting you can do? Say, publish the outfit Monty might wear to the Coachella Music & Arts Festival?"

That. That's what I decided. (Update: The reaction buttons are back -- for now. Dun dun dun.) (Second update: Reaction buttons are gone again but I'm trying something new in their place. Should be up soon!)

It's Coachella Week here in Southern California, meaning hundreds of thousands of music lovers are out in the desert at one of the world's most mega tune fests.

Monty would obviously save up and go for the entire weekend. Prior Yates is there, too, but he's in the VIP tent (ahhh, air-conditioning). Sutton *wants* to go one day. Gomery might, too, if a band he liked was on the schedule. Fair knows some hotel people in Palm Springs, so she might have a line on a hotel room. But Fair is undecided on going. She's never had anyone to go with and she worries she wouldn't fit in with the "young crowd," although they're probably exactly her age.

Is Thurs there? He's rumored to own half of the Coachella Valley, mineral rights included, but no word on whether he hits the music festival. Perhaps he flies above the masses in a solar-powered hot air balloon.

And now, Monty concert wear. I know, I know, the hat, but Monty rocked fedoras at least six months before they got hip. He obstinately refuses to give them up in sunny situations.

Monty at Coachella


do dah said...

aaaand i want those vans. they can have a cute boy in them, that's okay. if i get tired of him, i'll just knock him over and steal his shoes. i win!

Wilfair Book said...

Is that Vans-dalism?

(tap tap tap) Is this thing on? Hello out there. Anyone there?

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