Movie Love: The Rocketeer

My heart is racing just a little faster today because reader Nikki -- hi, Nikki! -- mentioned one of my all-time favorite movies in a comment.

It's "The Rocketeer," from 1991. Oh my word. Do you know it? Do you love it? You can see a touch of "Wilfair"  in the vintage wear (evening gloves, yay! Shoulder pads!) and the fact that it is a rollicking, gee-whiz, 1940s adventure story set in Hollywood. (Hmm. I'm not sure I'd describe "Wilfair" as rollicking. Maybe rollicking lite? It's pretty gee-whiz, though.)

Also, it's one of those unusual movies that is perfect for most anyone to watch, especially older kids and teens, and yet it is deeply swoony. Even a bit sexy and dangerous. Are you shocked to learn that this is a big thing for me? Sweet/swoony? Probably not.

Stories like that don't come around quite often enough for my greedy tastes. More more more.

Jennifer Connelly and Bill Campbell have long been one of my go-to on-screen couples, too. Their chemistry is so refreshing it should be used as an example by casting directors when they pick potential lovebirds (the actors were an off-screen couple for a long time, too).

I'm posting a few shots of Cliff and Jenny -- he's a pilot, she's a starlet -- because this day needs some dash. If "The Rocketeer" was released today they'd be the internet's sweethearts.

C'mon. They ran across the top of a zeppelin sailing high above Griffith Observatory together, hand-in-hand. Spunky!

credit: Disney


bess said...

Ive been too stupid busy to comment much of late (hopefully changing soon! ) but I have stop and drop aline for The Rocketeer! Love! I love every single one of Jennifer Connelly's costumes in this. And Terry "John Locke" or "dad from The Cutting Edge" O'Quinn as Howard Hughes? James Bond as a Nazi? Genius.

Wilfair Book said...

Terry O'Quinn!!! He gets three exclamation points. So well cast. Everyone is. Alan Arkin is perfect, too.

P.S. hi, Bess! I've missed you. Been thinking about poking you via email, but we all get swamped. Can't wait to have you back!

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