Thank you, ladies. This April First snippet, which was written the morning of April Fools' Day, is getting some serious views. I don't know if a few people are making return visits to reread it or just one person is rereading it bunches but either way? I love it.

And it makes me wonder if I should post an original, new-new-new snippet every week or two. Oof. Too much? Should I? I want to. I love to write about everything Wilfair! Even stuff outside of the books! I can't lie! Exclamation points ahoy!

Everything in the Wilfair world has a little backstory, even snippets, and here's the backstory as to why Gomery forgoes tucking the pillow under his chin to place it in its slip:

1. It could be urban legend, but I've long heard that hotel and motel pillows *may not* be placed under the chin when the slip goes on. It's a law, I think. Er. Is it even physically possible to put a pillow inside its case without tucking it under your chin? Isn't that step one? I need to research if this is indeed legend or law.

You know who might scoff at such a rule? Monty. You know who doesn't follow that rule when he works? Monty.

2. I thought it would be rather interesting to have Fair and Gomery work together to properly dress a pillow.

That's right. I italicized rather.

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Caitlin said...

I may have reread a time or five on April 1.

I vote for more prequel scenes!

Wilfair Book said...

Noted! Thank you, Caitlin.

Amanda W said...

I would love snippets! Especially if they fall in the vein of everydayness like the April 1. Or whatever...anything and everything.

Erika said...

I vote yes on snippets. 1000%

Elisa said...

Snippets are always exciting! In my opinion they are like a short visit (or unexpected text) from a dear friend that you don't get to see very often. They always leave me with warm feelings and a renewed desire to catch up more often. Or in this case to reread a great book and spend some time with the Wilfair gang!

do dah said...

i absolutely vote for snippets whenever you are so inspired! especially for the characters who aren't in every minute of the action in the books.

(also, on the word id things: it mostly creeps me out that they seem to use people's actual house numbers. i have visions of some dude creeping around in the shrubberies with a camera. otherwise, meh.)

Wilfair Book said...

Thanks for the snippet votes, everyone! I will definitely put some up now and then. They're fun to do.

do dah: That's a big eek. I reinstated 'em for now, but may explore other options. I just want to make life lovelier in all ways for you lovely ladies.

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