Puppy Hug

You know how some days you need a puppy around? Today's that day, and my own dog is at the groomer. So puppy hugs at Casa Painter are few.

So a little while ago I stepped outside for some sunlight and who should I see but Fossil "Fossy" Finley, having her afternoon walkies down my street. This pup looked very much how I imagine Miss Finley to look (that's the canine Miss Finley, not the human Ms. Finley). So I asked the owner if I could take a photo.

"I'm writing, like, these books that have an Australian Shepherd," I explain, leaving out Fossy's admittedly daffy origin story.
"Awesome! Good luck with that!" says the guy, a fist pump in his voice.

(That's classic Los Angeles, by the way. Practically everyone has a creative pursuit, so random strangers are at the ready to lend support.)

This dog is a boy and a senior. Fossy Finley's age is not known. Nor is her hometown. Or home country, for that matter.

I think Monty and Gomery could love Fossy even more than Fair's little brothers do.

Shhhh. Don't tell Wil and Bo Finley.

But maybe that was Fair's plan all along? That a particular pair of boys get the dog they never had? She'd never say (but I'll hint on her behalf).


myrandaroyann said...

Such a beautiful doggy!

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