Reader Needlepoint: Fair Finley Quote by Myranda

Some outlandish things get said in the Wilfair books, but they do not escape Monty Overbove's notice. In fact, the square-shouldered motelier promises (threatens?) to needlepoint them onto a pillow, once he learns how to needlepoint.

Reader do dah made the suggestion a few weeks back that some of the "needlepoint quotes" of the books could actually be needlepointed or cross-stitched. I drew up a little template, just playing around, and then.

And then. And then a few days ago I get an email from Ms. Myranda -- you met her in her Reader Spotlight -- that she is working a needlepoint bookmark. How fantastic is that???

Here it is. I love it! The hearts and details, too, and Myranda's initials at the bottom. Love so much. Lacy edging, too!

Fair says the line in "Stay Awhile." I can't disagree with her: There are definitely good drips and bad drips in this world.

Thank you, Myranda!!! Multiple exclamation points for a beautiful job. I'm clapping like a toy monkey holding a pair of cymbals. ;)

Pretty backing added.


myrandaroyann said...

I love that you remember my random/weird excited comment after reading Stay Awhile! ;) This project was a lot of fun and I can't wait to make another (better) one soon!

Wilfair Book said...

This piece is wonderful and beautifully realized, Myranda. Brava!

Ha ha, and of course I remember your comment! It might scare/intrigue my blog ladies to know that I remember a lot of what is said in comments and emails. I love knowing about people and I have a little flypaper mind for random details. (I do actually picture it as old-fashioned flypaper, which is not the prettiest image in the world).

I'm so happy about this! Thank you again. The initials are the sweetest touch, too.

do dah said...

you are fabulous, as is your bookmark! (actually, i'm judging you based solely on the bookmark. do you object?)

myrandaroyann said...

Thank you, do dah! I'd never object to a positive judgement. Wouldn't want you to realize your mistake! :)

do dah said...

Excellent. Craft-based judgements for everyone!

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