Reader Photos! Motels by Ginny

Let me preface this by saying that I've taken a lot of motel photos in my life. Lots. But I've never been able to capture the motel-i-ness of a building in the way that our own Ginny captures the motels of Boulder City, Nevada in these exquisite and evocative photos.

You met Ginny a few months back. Remember she gave her new puppy the middle name of Montgomery? Squees and sighs.

Your touching email about Buddy Montgomery was one of my best Christmas surprises ever, Ginny. Seriously. I mean, c'mon. A puppy with the middle name of Montgomery? Major warm feelings.

Now please admire her beautiful motel photography. Here's the fun bit: These are research photos for a photo shoot Ginny has coming up this summer that, wait for it, will have a bit of a Wilfair theme/feel. What? That's amazing. I kind of want to drive over for it. (Okay, I promise I won't crash your photo shoot.)

I also learned that Ginny ordered a snood. OH YES SHE DID. I'm driving over. I want to. Fighting the urge.

Okay, okay! Here are the photos. I see the motel van and the motel's neon sign and the motel's bathroom-sized office and the pool and I see Monty and Gomery's doors in that first photo, near the middle. And the night bell, on the red door! The dreaded motel night bell which Fair Finley employs, then instantly regrets.

Ginny, thank you for sharing! You are so nice. I've just put these up on the Art of Wilfair blog, too. When your shoot gets closer, please swing by Wilfair HQ and share more details! I need more of these pictures.


Amanda W said...

If I wasn't already convinced, I am now. Next vacation we're staying in a motel! Love these pictures.

Ginny said...

:)Happy to share! I've been dying to go to Boulder City with my camera but hadn't made the trip until Spring Break! So excited for my photoshoot, just waiting for some time off on the same day as my Gomery! :) If anyone has any ideas for props or poses, I'd love to hear them!

Caitlin said...

These are so fantastic! I especially love the sign that says "be our guest".

Ginny said...

Thanks ladies! :) If anyone has any fun ideas for props or poses, let me know!

myrandaroyann said...

These picture rock! Thanks for sharing your talent, Ginny!

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