Reader Photos! Vintage Fashion by Ginny

Those atmospheric motel photos snapped by our own Ginny? I can't tell you how many times I've revisited them. They are so well done, and they capture a certain desert motel spirit that can elude the camera. Love.

I was prepared to revel in those for a bit and then Ginny sent me MORE photos. And these? Too much. As mentioned, she has a special photo shoot planned this summer, and the shoot will have a bit of a Wilfair theme.

Again, I reiterate: !!!!!

Ginny ordered a dress and snood and gave the fashion for shoot a whirl. Lovely, amazing, beautiful! I'm clapping here in LA, just a state away from you, Ginny. Clapping! By myself. With excitement. At dawn. Who claps at dawn? I do, over you.

I also asked her about the snood, and how hard it was to get a handle on. Because? The netting. Problematic. She says "I just took the hair framing my face and twisted it back to the sides and held it with bobby pins. Then I kind of folded the bottom of my hair over while I put the snood on."

Sounds doable. Now I'm tempted to give one a try. Here's where she got hers. A bargain! Yes.

And, as a bonus? Ginny's cute son Jake makes a cameo in the last photo, with his "castlelope" creation, a castle he made from cantaloupe cubes. So creative, and real-life take on some of the fruit creations in the books (Sutton's strawberry Redwoodian). Yay, Jake! He also makes a sweet cameo with his mom in picture #2.

Also, cheers to Melodee, Ginny's mom (and a "Wilfair" reader, too!) for helping Jake out on the toothpick front. Toothpicks are very important in fruit art, as Sutton well knows.


Wilfair Book said...

Ginny, I've revisited this post several times this morning to look at the pictures again! Thank you for sharing! I'm so excited. And I really am Googling snoods this morning. That dress, too. I know ModCloth has a few similar frocks.

Ginny said...

Snoods should come back into fashion! So easy to do! The dress was from Bettie Page, I have a friend making me a petticoat to go with it! Can't wait to wear it again!

wealhtheow said...

Ginny you look JUST like a movie star! You are inspiring me to snood up.

Wilfair Book said...

I totally concur, wealhtheow. Movie star!

Ginny said...

Awww, thanks ladies!

do dah said...

so much fun! snoods and fruit castles make me a teensy bit jealous of your life, really.

Wilfair Book said...

Ginny -- Just scrolling through some posts tonight and I have to say again how happy these photos make me! I want to get a dress like yours, too. I'm inspired for summer. :)

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