Road Trip

A road trip is at the heart of "Redwoodian." Truth? Road trips are My Favorite Thing in the World (tm). If you ever need road trip tips, and you're going anywhere, even places beyond California, please ask me. I love love love giving trip advice. Let me be your personal concierge.

I went up to The Redwoodian's neck of the woods a few months back. Our Wilfair friends crossed my mind a few times during my trip, so I snapped a few book-related photos in homage to them.

The ceiling of the Ahwahnee Hotel lobby.

Enlarged brine shrimp models. These are the only living things that can survive in Mono Lake, which is an ancient saline lake near where The Redwoodian would be. I knew immediately that Gomery would know ALL about these shrimp.

Union of G. Fair. ??? No idea, but I tee-hee'd in Virginia City, Nevada.

It's a good drink. Fizzy as all get-out. I hope The Wilfair installs a sarsaparilla fountain one day.

A nicer word than "don't."

"Dynamo" is the word I think of when I think of Sutton.

The Outside Inn in Nevada City, California. This is a marvelous motel. Every room is themed.

This was pinned in the lobby. The Overboves would agree with this sentiment and I do, too.


Erika said...

Alex and I have recently began driving around parts or L.A. To avoid crazy traffic, I don't mind more time in the car and he doesn't mind driving longer if he can avoid stop and go, or worse, full on freeway closures (this is what prompted us to go around in the first place). I love a road trip and Alex and I have recently discovered Audio Book car trips, vastly different from iPod playlist, or mixed tape car trips but equally enjoyable so far! Also, and to my original point, we got to discover more beautiful California landscape! This state always amazes me with it's beauty.

Wilfair Book said...

Have you and Alex been to the California Wolf Center for a tour? That's not far from you. Just south of Julian. A sanctuary for endangered wolves!

Please tell me whenever you guys are planning a trip because the only thing I like more than helping people craft a great Cali weekend is writing Wilfair. And I *really* love writing Wilfair! So you know I'm serious.

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