Secret Messages

Did you ever get a folded-up piece of paper slipped in your locker? Or a note passed your way in class? Maybe even a note from your crush?

Secret messages have long been the province of school; when we're out of school we can slip all the notes we want to and not get in trouble. So furtively sent messages, which science may one day prove are the most thrilling of all messages, do tend to drop off once we hit adulthood.

I wanted the Wilfair world to celebrate sweet messages that don't arrive in the usual ways. The messages might not arrive on paper, but on glass. Or via light. I'm looking for the thrill of finding a folded-up square in your locker. There are no lockers in Wilfair, but there are other offbeat canvases and put-a-note-here locations. And some of them are gloriously large.

I love large when it comes to people sharing feelings. LOVE.

The Wilfair's real neighborhood brims with street art and random signs. My own imagination is often piqued by this, and I wonder if two people are talking to each other but 99.9% of passersby don't understand the intent.

I'm very inspired by all of this when I think about Fair and Gomery talking without talking.

I'm mad for this whimsical mural. A man, woman, and balloons lifting a car off the ground.

Do you ever see secret messages around your city? Snap a picture and send it my way: We can interpret it here! Maybe I can round up a few and we can discuss and theorize.

There are more secret messages to come in the Wilfairverse, because they're something I can't personally resist. Nope. I can't. I have to give in.

Let's let Electric Light Orchestra, the official house band for the books, sing us out on the topic.


Ulrika K said...

My college friends and I always used to leave secret messages for each other whenever we had lectures/exams/seminars someplace new (and by "secret messages", I mean we scribbled a certain dirty and very inappropriate word on the desk in front of us). Now we're all off working in "the real word", but we still scribble our very own secret message on desks and walls whenever we get the chance, and then take pics of it and message all the other girls :)

Wilfair Book said...

Ohhh! Secret messages that get spread throughout a friend group. That is VERY intriguing, Ulrika. I wonder if there's a term for that? Something secret meant for not one but a few?

And why shouldn't secret messages have some saucy flair? I'm for it.

Thank you for sharing. I need to think on this. You've put new considerations on this topic in my head.

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