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Fair off the clock


Sutton on the clock

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Sutton off the clock

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Monty on the clock


Monty off the clock


Gomery on the clock


Gomery off the clock


Prior on the clock


Prior off the clock


Thurs on the clock

 scorpio shoes

Thurs is never off the clock.


Erika said...

Is it weird if I want all of these shoes? Even the ones the boys wear? I think it's weird. I also am not sure that I am thinking of weird as a bad thing.

Kelly said...

Potentially weird, but I'm right there with you Erika! In fact I already own a pair of shoes fairly similar to almost all of these. I may have a shoe problem.

Also, "Thurs is never off the clock" made me do a sort of little snort-laugh out loud, which I then had to unsubtly cover with some coughing since I'm at work.

Carly said...

Prior's sparkle-tastic platform boots? Priceless. I can totally see it. I agree with Erika and Kelly - all of the shoes are pretty cool.

Poor Thurs. I really want to know if he's as potentially devious as he seems or if he could ever just calm down a bit and have some friends or somethin', lol.

Caitlin said...

I, too, laughed at "Thurs is never off the clock." Also at Monty's shoes being the same in both cases.

Fair's shoes: wantwantwantwantwant.

wealhtheow said...

Count me in on the love for "Thurs is never off the clock." Although I am still clinging to the idea that Thurs has a second clock in which he wears Indiana Jones shoes, whatever those might be.

Prior's shoes? FANTASTIC. And Fair's shoes? WANT WANT WANT.

Wilfair Book said...

Erika: I have worn guy shoes. Worn and enjoyed. I also like guy jeans a lot.

Kelly: If you ever snap a pic of the shoes that you feel are close to a character, please send it to me and I'll post! And beware the work snort-laugh. ;)

Carly: More on Thurs to come. Glad you liked those boots! They ARE sparkle-tastic. Great word.

Caitlin: I'm glad you liked Monty's shoes showing up twice. Here's the thing: Monty cares about people's feelings and important matters but I don't think he gives a rat's ass about what he considers smaller stuff.

wealhtheow: When I think Thurs I think "will wealhtheow dig this?" I can't help it. I do.

Ladies, there will likely be more shoe goodness to come, because this post was a blast. Plus as I told Caitlin over lunch the other day, I like dressing the characters in all the stuff I'm not wearing.

Wait. Did I just say I had lunch with Caitlin? OH YES I DID. Photo and details to come!

Wilfair Book said...

By the way, I came back to change "rat's ass" to something more polite and Wilfairian but the little Monty on my shoulder told me to let it go.

See what I'm saying??? Small stuff.

Carly said...


I'm glad you listened to him. I can picture him saying it.

do dah said...

these made me laugh! i love the red fair shoes and the sutton boots, but monty and the sparkly prior shoes are what really got me.

Nikki said...

I am in love with all of these shoes, especially Fair's Off the Clock pair. And Gomery's Off the Clock pair? YAY! I <3 Chucks*! (Just one of the many things I loved about the Tenth Doctor.) I can absolutely imagine a photograph of just Fair and Gomery's shod feet, wearing their Off the Clock versions, and can see how well they compliment each other. There's also some swoon there... *swoon*

* - Is it a regional thing to call them Chucks rather than All Stars or Chuck Taylors?

do dah said...

nikki -- i may own chucks specifically BECAUSE of the tenth doctor. although i got yellow, not red. i may also call them cons sometimes? not sure what region that is, if it is indeed regional

Wilfair Book said...

Carly: Is the Little Monty on your shoulder saying come see me in LA? When are you stopping by for your tour? Summer's coming.

I wish the Little Monty on my shoulder would tell me not to eat *all* the mac & cheese in the bowl, but I always do.

Nikki & do dah: Guys, what are the chances: It's David Tennant's birthday today!

That man. He's so twinkle-of-eye. That can't be manufactured.

I Googled your intriguing question, Nikki, but no dice. I've always said "Converse" which sounds kind of square. Good square? There's no bad square in my world.

By the way, I love this: --- I can absolutely imagine a photograph of just Fair and Gomery's shod feet, wearing their Off the Clock versions, and can see how well they compliment each other. There's also some swoon there... *swoon* ---

Nikki! Yes. That's going to be the quote of the weekend on my phone's lock screen. Done.

Nikki said...

do dah - I've had a standard black pair for years and even a few generic versions (the latest being plaid!) but Tennant's look as the Doctor reminded me I want a pair in just about every color. If only I had a shoe fairy that could grant wishes!

And a Happy Birthday to my favorite Doctor! I just love how he got into acting because of Doctor Who and was then able to, not just act on the show, but BE the Doctor. Plus, he's the tenth Doctor and TEN is in his name... sometimes you have no other choice than to believe in kismet. And have you seen the man's performance as Hamlet? Simply stunning. I'm sure Monty is a fan.

I have definitely heard the shoes referred to as "Converse" as well, Alysia, and don't think it square at all. Good, bad, or otherwise. 'Otherwise' being that grey area between good and bad, of course.

I have a huge urge to track down a pair of each of these shoes and find models willing to offer their standing time and patience while I try to turn the photograph in my head into something that is real, then make it the background on my phone. Or desktop. Or both! If this magic moment ever happens, I'll be sure to share.

Wilfair Book said...

Nikki: I will wear plaid anything, but plaid Converse? I want them.

Mr. Tennant's "Hamlet" is on my list to watch! For sure. I also still want to see the new "Fright Night." Well, the newer one -- I think it is a couple of years old? I believe he plays an over-the-top Vegas magician? THAT I want to see.

Monty's Doctor IS Ten!
Gomery's Doctor is Tom Baker!

That photo suggestion is very very very intriguing. Yep, three verys required. I don't have a photo in my possession but I may post something in the weeks ahead that will be pleasing to you. More to come. (cue spooky music)

Also, it has crossed my mind that a little photo shoot might be fun. I have a photographer pal who has done one for a fictional series and I'm thinking about talking to him, if I can ever snatch some time. Ohhhhh, but casting it! That would be something. I'd want to correctly portray all the Fairs and Gomerys in all our heads. :)

PS Am I looking at the 2005 P&P in your pic? I love that version. I didn't think anything could replace the Firthian flame in my heart but that one is a serious contender.

Nikki said...

My plaid pair are imitation Chucks (the top pair in this photo - also, I got them on clearance for just under $4!) but you can customize a pair through the website where they most definitely have a plaid option. :)

Tennant is not in Fright Night nearly enough for our liking, but his character is fantastic fun. It has been on one of the movie channels a lot lately and I find I often turn to it just to have it on in the background, and I always seem to catch it during Tennant's first scene just after his introduction. Such a great scene to watch play out as you see this Vegas facade slowly being ripped away. Side note: the 2011 Fright Night was written by Marti Noxon, who also wrote on Buffy!

I am both intrigued and excited for the future post and the idea of the photo shoot! As for casting, you could always cast people that fit the build and hair color and such but never have a shot that shows their faces. That way you're setting a scene but each person can fill in the blanks with their own ideas. Plus there's that air of mystery to keep things interesting. ;)

PS to your PS - Why, yes, that is the 2005 P&P in my pic. Good eye! I must say, I do prefer this version, but I wonder how much of that also has to do with it being the first adaptation I watched. Plus, with it being shorter you get the whole story in one bite-sized chunk if you don't have the time to sit down to a six-course meal. I also think Keira Knightley brings just enough modern snark to Elizabeth Bennet that I find a bit more relatable, personally. Each adaptation is great for their own reasons, though. <3

Wilfair Book said...

Nikki, I have to apologize. I saw that you'd written your plaid shoes were not Converse, and I kept meaning to come back and correct my comment, but life got busy.

I dig the ones you have. Truth is, I'll wear plaid anything. And mix plaid on occasion. Ohhh, that's right, world. I'm wacky. Watch out.

Customizing Converse? That could be an issue for me (a good issue). There's a place in LA that will hand-sew just about any applique onto a pair of clogs, from little elves to flowers to whatever. I haven't yet made the plunge because I know I just might go elves. I might. The upshot is I'm a shoe-customization fan.

Marti Noxon! Very cool. She's done some great series work, including "Mad Men." I'll check out "Fright Night" and report back. I absolutely loved the original so I want to see this one (David Tennant is the big bonus).

Our potential casting methods are the same. I embrace mystery. That said, did you see the Monty casting thread from a few months back? It gets a gold star for being my favorite Wilfair post thread ever. All of it makes me laugh and clap:

Your points on P&P are interesting, including the dash of modern snark. I hadn't thought about that. There's also a slight "dirty-ness" to this movie I like. People just look a little muddier. The scene, near the end, when all the Bennet women are lounging about and the house is a mess and Darcy and Bingley show up out of the blue makes me giggle every time, too. It's all so good.

Also, this movie contains one of Wilfair's biggest inspirations, and it lasts all of two seconds (if that). It's when Bingley furtively touches the back of Jane's dress at the dance, near the beginning, as she walks in front of him. I'll have to find a photo.

That moment is soooo brief but it absolutely plugged up my head with glitter. And haunted me. So I set out to write a contemporary story that would expand on that particular sweet furtiveness.

I want to talk more about that moment, now that I'm typing about it. Do you know the one?

Erika said...

Austen?? Pride and Prejudice?? Converse shoes??? I knew I was pulled to this thread for a reason!

Nikki said...

OH! I do know the one!! Where he just barely lifts the ribbon or part of the dress fabric with the tip of his finger and lets the fabric fall? I think we're on the same page here, because that scene is simply divine. It is the very essence of a whisper of a touch. I can absolutely see that moment with Gomery's handling of Fair's gloves! Haunting and plugged up with head glitter indeed!

I also love the "dirty-ness" to this movie, especially that scene with the Bennet ladies! And the one where Elizabeth is on the swing in the muddy yard. You so rarely see or read of a family completely at ease in such time periods; everyone is constantly "on", for public scrutiny. I also really appreciate how that muddier look juxtaposes so nicely with the gorgeous cinematography.

On a similar note - have you watched The Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube?

I had not seen the casting post. In fear of resurrecting an old post I'll just do a quick reply here: LOVE the idea of both Ben Whishaw and Christopher Gorham as Gomery. I could picture Colton Haynes as Monty, but I imagined him a bit more like Ben Barnes. (If both Ben's played the Overboves, they would even have a similar look that could be described as familial.) While I adore the Winchesters, I don't know that I can picture either of them as either Overbove. Lee Pace would be too much fun as Thurs! Let's make this happen! And, giving it just a quick thought, Alexis Bledel is the first person that comes to mind for Fair. She's not quite right, but pretty close to how I imagine her. I haven't thought of anyone that fits Sutton. (I adore keeping the mystery alive, but it is still fun to attempt to associate your characters to real people. :) )

Coming back to topic, shoes! And plaid! As a teen of the '90s, I fully embrace the plaid. I even pull out my old flannel shirts every once in awhile. When Tretorns were popular my brother took me to get a pair for my birthday... I, of course, had to pick the pair with pink plaid for the swoosh and trim. They were my first 'adult' pair of shoes. The idea that we can now customize shoes to make anything we want? Such dangerous fun!

Wilfair Book said...

Nikki! I've got SO much to say here but I'm running out for a few. This comment is full of things that make me want to talk. Your casting suggestions! Fanning myself with my hand.

But let's start here: "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries." Not only have I seen them and enjoyed them very much but there's a LBD-related post ahead for this blog.

AND there's probably someone else here who wants to talk LBD, so I'm going to step back and twiddle my thumbs and see if she comes 'round.

(If she doesn't I'm going to go poke my finger in her side via the internet.)

Be back soon with more to say on everything you said!

Caitlin said...

This is at least the second time in recent weeks that Alysia commented something to the effect of "someone else mentioned that too," and I had to pop up and go, "hi, that's my cue". So, Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Hi, that's my cue. :)

I'll reserve most of my comments for the actual LBD post, but I will say here (speaking of casting) that Laura Spencer (who plays Jane) has become a big influence in how I picture Fair.

Wilfair Book said...

Nikki: I ALMOST mentioned the swing scene! That's one of my other favorite moments in the film. Filthy, mud-wise, and gorgeous and poetic.

By the way, I've seen a gif for the "quick dress touch" moment, so I'll post on the blog. (Caitlin was my source.)

Yep, and speaking of Caitlin? She got me into LBD, so we'll definitely have a post on that. I love Lydia most, but it is all very well done. Jane's clothes are very downtime Fair to me. Her hair, too.

Here's the Ben Whishaw/Gomery post, in case you missed it. Totally agree!

Chris Gorham definitely fits, too. Esp. in glasses.

The Bens! I hadn't thought of Ben Barnes. Cutie patootie. YES. And they do look similar. I will take some time to ponder that today.

Thurs and Monty remain pretty tied to specific actors in my mind but I haven't yet been forthcoming, because I like my ladies discussing who they like for those guys. I don't want to impact their mental pictures. Maybe one day I'll spill all.

It is SO funny you mention Alexis Bledel. She has also crossed my mind, too, as has a young Jennifer Connolly circa "Labyrinth." She's too young for Fair in that film, but something about her. I generally keep Fair's appearance softer in my mind, and haven't tied her too strongly to any casting choices.

But I really like Alexis Bledel. Yep. I see her in snoods.

Teen of the '90s! So would you say plaid was your most favorite trend? I remember a trend where little choker-type necklaces were all the rage. That was probably the look I overdid. It was kind of a thin ribbon necklace thingie? Oof.

I was a teen of the '80s and I've refused to give up my big hair. I mean, I don't know if it is really a choice. I have big hair.

Actually, I'd probably do anything now that I did then, in moderation, except wearing V-neck sweaters backwards, which was a thing for like four minutes.

Caitlin: Hi. Let's talk Jane and LBD! And yes, people get called out on the blog now and then. This won't be the last time. Fact.

Wilfair Book said...

Almost forgot: I listen to the P&P soundtrack a lot. Bunches. Definitely while writing. Gorgeous sounds flooding my brain.

The song "Dawn" is my absolute favorite.

Nikki said...

I'll also save LBD for that future post, but must chime in with agreement on Jane's look being very Fair-friendly.

OH! Do spill on your specifics for Thurs and Monty! I'm very curious and personally wouldn't be impacted by the reveal. Perhaps a poll of some sort, to see if it would bother others?

Alexis Bledel came to mind because of her look in Tuck Everlasting and I recall several vintage costumes in Gilmore Girls. I thought, for sure, there was a snood involved at one point but Google is failing me. I also think her range would be well suited for Fair; she can be meek and uncertain in one breath and confident in the next.

I can certainly see a young Jennifer Connelly, too. She has a bit of that old Hollywood glamour in The Rocketeer.

I loved quite a bit about the looks of the '90s and have no fear in rockin' those looks today... in moderation, like you said. The most worn, for me, was certainly the plaid, but I'm pretty partial to the baby doll dresses with combat boots. I liked the hard and the soft of it. While I pretty much live in my Chucks now, I pull out the ol' boots every once in awhile. I did a fair bit of choker wearing, too, even as my look devolved into something closer to punk. (Where I was still able to embrace that love of plaid!)

The P&P soundtrack! I just adore it; also listen to it bunches. Tons of bunches. My go-to when I want something without lyrics, which is surprisingly often. Dario Marianelli is brilliant and I am with you on "Dawn" being my favorite. Haven't touched a piano in many many years, but it makes me want to run out, find one, and try to learn the song. Just lovely.

do dah said...

i cannot express how much i love that they each have doctors!!! (also, is anyone else worried that seeing eleven WITH ten in the 50th special will cause eleven to pale somewhat? because when ten's not around, eleven is great -- except that he has zero chemistry with alex kingston -- but when you remember ten... yeah.) and has anyone managed to see spies of warsaw? tenant! old-timey! spies! i haven't watched it yet, in the hopes that the longer i wait, the more justified i will be in my excitement. logic.

and that dress moment was awesome, as was the swing. and that's the one where they focus on little movements of darcy's hands, right? soooo fabulous. the balcony, as he watches her go? gah! oddly enough, i adore macfadyen (because spooks!) and get tired of the fact that firth only plays one character ever, but i'm a miniseries girl all the way. problem is, firth's one character IS darcy, and he's damn good at it (although i have a slight preference for mark over fitzwilliam). also, romola garai lost to knightley for lizzie, and i adore garai and am easily annoyed by knightley, so... i might be kind of bitter. but this thread is basically the best combination of awesomeness ever, so yay!

Caitlin said...

do dah: I very nearly replied to "easily annoyed by knightley" with "THEM'S FIGHTIN' WORDS!" because I was thinking of *Mr.* Knightley. (Because Romola Garai played Emma, and it's late here, and I got confused...) Anyway, carry on.

Wilfair Book said...

This thread is threatening to eclipse the casting Monty thread as my new favorite.

If only every thread could be some mystical combination of shoes, '90s styles, "Doctor Who," and Austen adaptations!

I just came by to say I'm embarrassed I misspelled Jennifer Connelly's name earlier. When I'm commenting the fingers FLY. Sometimes the thoughts fly a little too fast, too.

More to say about all of this amazingness, soon, when some sleep is had.

Oh, but Nikki? Baby doll dresses? Yes. I also still have some of my Laura Ashley dresses from the '80s. I kind of paw at them, lovingly, whenever I see them.

All trends all the time forever, is my motto.

Erika said...

Do dah: I agree with your Eleven and Kingston assessment but how do you feel about Oswin? I think I am in love with their chemistry! Deep deep love. If you disagree that is more than fine though, I just love discussing this with someone else who watches!

do dah said...

Caitlin -- I was totally half-thinking of that possibility as I typed that. But... well, he's Mr. Knightley! Easily annoyed by, say, Fanny Price's semi-incestuous cousin? Possible. But not Mr. Knightley. "Badly done, Emma!" might be one of my favorite criticisms ever. It's just... right. Although I have to say my favorite menfolk are Darcy, Ciaran Hinds' Wentworth, and JJ Field's Mr. Tilney. I THINK I like the latter gentlemen as well in the books as on the screen, but it's so much faster to watch than to read that most of my recent exposure to them has been cinematic. And, in that case, we must mention Alan Rickman's performance in Sense and Sensibility as one of the best things on the screen, ever, even though Colonel Brandon is not my favorite. Because the scene in the room with the fantastic panelling? Perfection.

Erika -- I haven't watched most of the Oswin ones yet (not since the Bells of Saint John's). They're recorded and I'm... saving them. Maybe for this weekend. Because I continue to love Amy Pond so, so much, even after the first half of this season, and I'm not sure if I want to like Oswin as much as I like Amy? Even for different reasons? But I DO know that I want her to be seriously smart, but not really in love with the Doctor after all (because Martha? ugh.). I am... cautiously in favor, so far.

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