The Secret Post


So I posted an outtake here today but have taken it down for a few reasons. A main reason? It gave away a few "Stay Awhile" plot points rather plainly. With that in mind, I'll put revealing stuff off-blog from now on, in another spot, so any newcomers stopping by don't happen upon it quite suddenly.

Sound jake?

It also addressed my devotion to "Superman" -- the 1978 film -- so if you want to discuss that, we can, in the comments, or anything else you please.

And as far as outtakes and lost scenes and such? I'm always happy to share via email, if you're curious. I have a pretty open-book-y policy about what has made it into the Wilfair books and what didn't, and I never mind discussing why and what happened.

Now, to make things right, here is an amazing snapshot of the World's Largest Pistachio. This is in my husband's hometown and he's friends with the owner.

I mean, please. Being in love with the guy who went to school with the guy who owns the World's Largest Pistachio is almost as if I'm wearing a #1 Winner blue ribbon on my lapel, day in and day out.

If only it were real. I'd eat it all in, oh? Two years. One year? Should I admit that here?


Erika said...

I am so glad I caught the secret post!

Also, pistachios? Giant pistachios?? Amazing!!! It's actually my favorite nut... Well... That and the macadamia nut. A sculpture of the macadamia nut may look boring though.

Now I wonder what kind of nuts are popular with the Wilfair crowd?

Wilfair Book said...

Wait! Erika! I NEED to bring you a bag of pistachios from this place next time I'm there. How do you feel about flavored pistachios? I know you can do chile and heat, since you're my sister in breakfast burrito love.

They also do a chile pistachio brittle candy that is gahhhhhh can't talk thinking of it so good.

Erika said...

That sounds so good! I've been meaning to try flavored pistachios but I love them so much as they are that I never have. It seems silly now but when I see them I just grab the ones I love.

Who would say no to chile pistachio brittle though? Not this girl!

wealhtheow said...

I still remember my first pistachio experience. It was at the San Diego Zoo, with my best friend. Almost 30 years later, I still can't eat a pistachio without thinking of her.

do dah said...

has the pistachio owner revealed the story of inspiration behind the world's biggest pistachio? because that seems like it would be... interesting...

Wilfair Book said...

Erika: Next time I'm back I'll grab an extra bag, in case I see you. Hope I will. :)

wealhtheow: I was JUST at SDZ. Did your ride the Skyfari? The little buckets from 1969 that go over the zoo? I'm a little obsessed with Skyfari.

You probably saw the same tortoises I did, because they're all like 150 years old now.

That's a funny and specific memory, btw.

do dah: I think the giant pistachio is a tribute to the memory of the current owner's dad, who founded the pistachio ranch where the World's Largest Pistachio is located.

Nikki said...

Playing a bit of catch-up tonight and learned that Feedly (my RSS reader) saved the outtake in question! So I was able to read the rosebud adorableness. :) You mention you'll put revealing stuff "in another spot" - is this a separate blog or simply through emails?

And to stay on topic for this post, it was just this last Christmas that I finally had pistachios for the first time. I'm now a big fan!

Wilfair Book said...

Hi Nikki!

You just did one of my favorite things: Comment on an older post. Doesn't happen too often but it always feels special, somehow.

Glad you're loving pistachios. I have a can't-stop-eating problem with pistachios. I've eaten one and then I've suddenly eaten fifty.

There is a "secret" blog, thanks for asking! But it only has a few posts at the moment. It's where I stick early ideas and passages I didn't use or that evolved into something that went into a book.

I may do more with it soon. I'd love to, in fact.

Nikki said...

OH! A secret blog! It has been added to my Feedly and I'll look it over later. :D

I always worry about commenting on old posts. Glad it's a-okay around here!

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