Training Wheels Off

I recently discovered the work of artist Lorraine LeBer Rocha. She's fantastic and this illustration? There are a dozen things that remind me of Motel Fairwil and its sweet swimming pool.

Hi, diving board.

Motel Fairwil's pool will never freeze over, and I'm pretty sure Fair, Gomery, and Monty do not know how to ice skate. Plus, they need to take bicycle lessons before they do anything else recreational.

Who will be first, though, to get the training wheels off? Would it be a competition?

Some searching around reveals that first-time adult cyclists don't always have the option of training wheels. Hmm. Skinned elbows and a few bruised egos may be ahead at Wilshire and Fairfax.


Erika said...

I have been visiting this blog post almost everyday since it went up and it makes me want to write a fanfic about a freak cold front in LA featuring Gomery and Fair. *le sigh*

It really is a great piece of art and it really works for this series I think. :)

Question: (I am sure you've answered this before but...) how many books do you foresee in this series?

Erika said...

Blog post**

Wilfair Book said...

Hoo boy. What an interesting comment, dear Erika!

1. If you ever write about the freak cold front, guaranteed I will publish here at Wilfair HQ. Just putting that out there for you, the universe, and anyone who stops by. Guaranteed! Why shouldn't fanfic have a place here? I like it.

2. I have a fifth book cover. It is sitting on my computer. It is named after a hotel (not really a spoiler). I will likely put this cover up, or a version of it, some time this summer, when I see how everything is playing out in this fourth book.

In short? I'll probably need a fifth to finish. Not that everything needs to be neatly tied up, but there are plenty of questions to answer. (And I'd like to aim for mostly neatly tied up on almost all fronts.)

And then the Wilfair series will be wrapped up.


But if the months and years pass, and I have time, and people are interested, I might revisit the series, somehow. That might mean writing a book for all the other hotels mentioned (a bit ambitious) or it might mean something else much shorter. It might not even mean books.

I'm open. Mostly I don't want to drag things out. I'm happy with well-timed endings.

So let's call it a solid five books for now, with a tiny asterisk that says I'll keep a finger in this world, forever and always, should life and time and energy and my wonderful readers again converge.

Thanks for asking!

Caitlin said...

Speaking as someone who learned to ride a bike as an adult, it is possible to do it without training wheels and with minimum injuries. I actually got more scraped up once when I was walking my bike and dropped it than I did actually falling off the bike.

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