When she's not in evening gloves, our hotelier goes with a stylish wrist corsage. But instead of a traditional floral deal, she might go origami or felt. 

cr: my boutique wedding


His trainer, agent, and nutritionist have begged him to stay away from heavy foods and drinks. (Like his beloved Prior Yates.) The star keeps track of his steps and fitness with a pedometer.

cr: Amazon/GSI


When she can't find a pencil to stick in her hair, the busy fruitcheress goes with Ouchless Elastics. She'll keep a couple around her wrist. (They're also good for snapping at snappish people, too, though she's attempting to curb that urge.)

photo: Goody


The motelier goes bare-wristed most of the time, opting to use his phone to check time. He sometimes will carry a director's viewfinder, though that goes around his neck. Something on his wrist means more undressing time ahead of spontaneously jumping in the pool. 

photo: .reid.


Timex, brown leather band, a couple of bells and whistles, bought years ago with birthday money.

cr: Timex


The Foley artist will use a wrist screen to review -- and listen -- to movie dailies on the way home from an on-location set. She isn't comfortable with the studio giving her a driver, but it does give her a chance to work on the way to the set and the way home.

photo: OLED video wristwatch


The kid with 100 hotels, and possibly a side pursuit or two, dresses nicely all the time. His cufflinks? Secret USB flash drives, of course.

cr: gizmag


wealhtheow said...

I would ROWR this if rowring were still an option.

Wilfair Book said...

Rrowring, or something similar, will return. Looking at options. The last go-around was dropping votes over time (frustrating).

I rrowr you, wealhtheow! Watch me. Rrowr.

do dah said...

wrist clothing! wonderful. this one makes me wonder about wil and bo. because i have a feeling that would be... interesting.

Caitlin said...

I don't wear cuff links, nor do I currently know anyone who does, but those are so awesome that I think I need to buy them and save them for a future gifting opportunity.

Wilfair Book said...

Cufflinks are very special occasion these days, which is too bad. They need an everyday renaissance.

And if I were to get a tad lovey-dovey, which I'm about to get, I'd say the nice part of cufflinks is that the cufflinks wearer always requires a bit of help getting them on. This provides opportunity for some quality wrist holding and admiring.

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