Aisle 13 Fortune

We're back at the special magical Los Angeles grocery store where the Overboves buy their razors, green tea, and pico de gallo and we're back with another grocery store fortune!

Today's spotlight lady is sweet Myranda. Myranda picked Aisle 13, which was a good choice for a few reasons. One? Number 13 (I'm rather a fan of that too-often-feared number as well). And two? It's where various juices and jerkies reside. (Is "jerkies" the plural for "beef jerky"? Could I even call this aisle "jerkian"?)

First up we'll cover the Wilfair things found on Aisle 13 and then we'll get to your very sparkly future outlook, Ms. M!

(Just uploaded the pics and notice a definite red theme. Grocery store aisles, I'm getting to know you better and your patterns and selling ways through this project. Your secrets are known to me.)

The reminds-me-of-"Wilfair" stuff: Zero water (because "zero" becomes Fair Finley's favorite number when Gomery transforms her 100% to a 1000% on the frosted Redwoodian window), 100% (because the books boast more percentages than a light series about love and friendship perhaps should), Splash (because that's what happens in the Motel Fairwil pool near the end of "Stay Awhile," summoning The Wilfair Hotel guard), Sparkling (if there was one word I aim to spread like frosting over each book it is probably "sparkling"), Plum Smart (because fruit and smartness reminds me of Sutton).

And now, Myranda, your outlook! I've known you for about a year now, or this summer I will, and I know you are a person of action in your life (you're always busy busy busy with school and work and your amazing needlework and your pups and your everything). So the word "Activate" will be familiar to you.

I see you activating on (that's weirdly phrased but I like it, so I'm leaving it) and achieving BIG things. 


A Big Red side note: When I lived in a Marriott hotel -- ohhh, I must been about 6 years old? -- there was a soda machine outside my room that was full of Big Red soda. I got a little obsessed with it for a time, so this happens to be the soda that reminds me of hotel living the most. Random connection.

Thanks for asking for an aisle, Myranda! Your outlook is perfect.

Don't have an aisle for your fortune yet? Aisles 1, 5, 8, 10, 18, and 19 are still open. Leave your choice in the comments and I'll add you to my grocery (aisle) list!


myrandaroyann said...

Woo-hoo! Thank you! This is a great treat for the end of a rough week. :) My outlook sounds great, I'll have to remember to remind myself to "activate" when I start to get worn down. Sparkling is a great word...I love sparkly things!

Wilfair Book said...

Because you are sparkly! Is why! That is my official scientific summary of the situation.

Your outlook is great and I'm wishing you all good things. Big hugs, too.

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