Caro Emerald Giveaway Winner!

Our first shiny fun giveaway here at Wilfair HQ, the Caro Emerald album + more giveway, has officially wrapped! I got an email from her Very Nice PR Team with the super-secret name of the person selected from this blog. But it is a secret no longer: Bess, you won!

So, Ms. Bess, if you could email me some specifics, specifically your address, they will get the good stuff out to you. I can't wait to hear what you think about the album. I hope we have some of the same favorite songs. I bet we will.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't post a few style pics of the singer one more time. The coral-red dress in the second photo? This might be my dream dress. Is there a slight smocking thing going on around the neckline? That is so attractive. Why aren't we all rocking the smocking more?


bess said...

My goodness, what an honor! I don't think I've won anything in a "game of chance" since I won a Barcelona Olympics T-shirt from Supercuts in 1992. I am very excited about this because I need some new music in my life and I like what I've heard of Ms. Emerald so far. Her vintage styling sure doesn't hurt. This just brightened my day!

Wilfair Book said...


And do you still have that t-shirt? Because I feel like I want to see a photo.

Also, what kind of haircut did you rock walking out of Supercuts in 1992?

I can't really pinpoint what the prevailing style was then. Hmmm, thinking. It was probably after the perm's heyday but well before The Rachel.

bess said...

Hmmm, that t-shirt is probably living in a box somewhere at my dad's house with its buddies the X-Files t-shirt and a couple of Dave Matthews shirts.

As for the hair, I was never very trendy but I think I had bangs and maybe shoulder-length hair then? I just realized that this sounds a lot like my current hair but I swear there have been a lot of styles in between.

Wilfair Book said...

Ohhhh, X-Files. I'll give a whoop whoop to DMB, too. "Crash Into Me" was the first song I heard driving into LA when I moved here, and it reminds me of that.

Nothin' wrong with sticking with what works. BANGS. I've never worn a good bang but there may be hope yet.

Erika said...

Congrats Bess!!

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