Caro Emerald Giveaway!

I'm excited because we're doing something that hasn't yet been done 'round Wilfair HQ: a giveaway!

Not of books -- you know I'm happy to send your friend a free copy, no fuss needed -- but of an album that is 1000% the type of music that would play inside The Wilfair Hotel's lobby. Wait for it. Get stoked. It's "Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor" by singer Caro Emerald.

So. Remember when I posted about Caro, a wonderful chanteuse the press nicknamed "the Dutch Adele," earlier this year? About her fantastic old-school Hollywood sound and gorgeous vintage look? And many "Wilfair" readers revealed that they, too, are wild about her music?

Caro's very nice people found this blog and asked me if I wanted to give away a "special edition prize package" that includes the album and a tote?

Uh, heck yeah I do!

But but but WAIT. Not only did they set up a sign-up link solely for people visiting this blog, they put me on the horn with Caro herself.

Heart flutters. Damp forehead. Overly loud nervous giggles. Thoroughly starstruck. (This was me, not Caro.)

She was incredibly charming, as you would guess, and didn't mind my rather offbeat questions.

One fun, book-related tidbit? Caro's favorite old movie is "Rear Window," a film that gets several mentions in "Wilfair," given the "Rear Window"-ish building set-up of the hotel and motel.


She also tours quite a bit, so I asked her about her hotel preferences and what she looks for on the road. "I really love hotel rooms," she revealed. "That's a fun part of my job. I travel everywhere and every time I enter a new hotel room it's like a playground to me! What's inside, what they have in the bathroom, how many closets they have, I just love it."

Caro also revealed a preference for big bathtubs and luxury properties, so I'm sure she would be quite comfortable at The Wilfair Hotel. (Though Fair Finley might be exceedingly fidgety about having someone who'd be one of her style idols staying under her hotel's roof.)

My final question was about Caro's funky-fab headwear. We're fans of old-school snoods 'round Wilfair HQ, of course, so I inquired about her beautiful hair pieces and if she had tips. "You have to look at your hair as something you can create," she advised. "When you put a hat on, you always have to look at the silhouette. And pin it very severely to your head. You can actually attach anything you want to, to your head, as long as you use a lot of pins. We've tried stuff that we weren't sure it was a hat! If it looks good, it's good."

Total agreement. Haven't you all seen a clutch of fake cherries or a bit of plastic Christmas holly and felt the urge to wear it as a behind-the-ear adornment? Full admission: I've done it.

Many thanks to Caro for chatting with me and now! A giveaway! Here's the deal: You only need to go here to sign up. The giveaway will end at the end of Tuesday, May 14 (so one week). And someone from this blog will win when Caro Emerald's very nice PR team picks the victor. (Thank you, Caro Emerald's very nice PR team!)

Trust: You want this album. "Back It Up" is impossible to listen to only once. Fact. (Can't wait to hear her new album "The Shocking Miss Emerald"; it isn't yet available in the U.S. but soon, I hope.)

That's it. Look at us, doing a giveaway, and a really good one, too! I'm charmed, I'm thrilled, and I've got a heart full of funky vintage Hollywood sounds and retro elegance. Cheers, Caro!


Erika said...

I am trying to love vicariously through you right now! It's so cool that you got to talk to her!

Erika said...

The one time my phone autocorrects live to love and not the other way around. Thanks phone.

Kelly said...

Eeek! My brain is short-circuiting a bit at two of my favourite things coming together.

Between this and the really cute video where a guy animated his tipsy wife's corn chip joke ( I feel like the internet is working just for me today.

I love that you spoke to her about her hair pieces, this is definitely the encouragement I needed to start sticking pretty or crazy things in my hair outside of Christmas and fancy dress parties!

Wilfair Book said...

Erika: There something very nice about "love vicariously"! That's what I was doing, kind of loving Caro's life vicariously, so it works!

Kelly: Right? I know, my brain is still short-circuiting over this.

That corn chip conversation is THE CUTEST. I almost blogged about it the other day. You know, I still might, because I have things to say. It just shows two real people being cute, which we don't get enough of. Real-world cuteness.

I also tend to be crazy with the hair adornments just around the major holidays. But I'm ready to go further, to jump into the great swirling river of hair-wear madness. If you take my hand, I'll jump with you!

bess said...

This is great! I've dreamed of the day when hats come back in style (I don't think it's mainstreaming anytime soon) but I may have to follow the lead and just bring them back for myself!

And thank you for the introduction to a new chanteuse. A Dutch Adele? What could be better?

Amanda W said...



Chiara said...

So cool they put Caro on the phone with you! I should maybe teach you some Dutch in case this happens again ;)

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