Elisa Visits Wilshire and Fairfax!

It's no secret: I like meeting you.

That these meetings started going down at Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue still makes me laugh. Most writer-reader introductions tend to be inside a bookstore or maybe a convention hall, not a traffic-busy corner in the booming heart of Los Angeles.

wealhtheow started it. Oh yes she did.

I got the chance to meet Elisa, who lives in Iowa, and her sweet husband Ryan over the weekend. Elisa is a teacher and she writes a great email. I couldn't wait to know her in person. (She's also the first reader I've had a three-person conversation with; her pal Nicole is reading the books, too. Hi, Nicole! When will you come see me? Invitation's open.)

Elisa was smart and cheerful and I immediately coveted her funky glasses, but it would have been awkward if I'd snatched them and taken off running down Wilshire. If you wear glasses, though, you know how it is to covet another person's cool frames. She was also dressed all in purple, which revealed she has flair and a good amount of oomph.

My husband played photographer for the day -- thanks, Chris! -- and he and Ryan talked cartoons. Don't you love Moments like that, capital M? I do.

Here's our snapshot. Let me again state that Elisa lives in Iowa, I live in LA, and yet Elisa knew how to dress for the day, and I did not, choosing a sweater top for a morning that turned out to be rather roasting. (If only there was a motel pool nearby that I could jump into.)

Loved meeting you, Elisa! Thank you for stopping by Wilshire & Fairfax.

Oh, and something new? I've put the Readers Visit Wilfair photos all in a bunch. Check out the nav bar!


Nicole said...

what a sneaky way to get me to comment! hello! i would love to come out and see you (i was actually in la not that long ago, but was stuck at meetings at the aquarium of the pacific and couldn't get away). perhaps you should come out to iowa? love the photo and am glad you got to meet elisa--she's the best!

Wilfair Book said...

Love the Aquarium of the Pacific! Hope you got some quality otter-admiring time.

I'd love to see Iowa. I got close one year, on a road trip, but close doesn't count. I'll definitely go one day!

Elisa said...

So of course I sent the link to my friends! Which prompted the teacher across the hall to try and snatch my glasses :-) As for your cute outfit, maybe you were dressing for Iowa weather! It's been so cold and rainy here your outfit would have been perfect.

Caitlin said...

Hi Elisa and Nicole! Nice to meet you.

Alysia, if you ever do make it out to Iowa or thereabouts, we could have a gathering of Wilfair readers, Midwest Chapter. Just putting that idea out there.

Wilfair Book said...

No joke, Caitlin, I would seriously do this. Seriously. I'm a Midwest fan! Well, Illinois and thereabouts. I need to see more.

And if I could hobnob with my ladies? Oh h yes. Could we visit some weird roadside attractions and drink local beer and have a low-level adventure of some sort? Because then I'll be in true bliss.

Only Elisa would have to protect her funky glasses from my grabby fingers.

That's funny that a teacher tried to snatch them after you sent the post out! That person gets a high five from across the country from me.

Nicole said...

a wilfair readers midwest chapter meeting would be awesome! how do we make this happen?

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