Fair & Gomery Drawing

One of the most special things, to me, here at Wilfair HQ? Reader synchronicity.

There are also some weird reader-reader-me triangulations in terms of what people would like to see in the books and what is actually ahead, but I'll let future scientists study that, after they get done with studying everything else in the entire universe.

Nikki made a comment in the ar-mar-zing Shoes thread about wanting to see an actual picture of a photo in her head of Fair & Gomery. I don't know exactly what she's seeing, of course, but the conversation leads me to believe it might be something like the illustration pictured here.

Which had already been created by Caitlin.

What? I KNOW. High fives for reader synchronicity!

Caitlin, thank you for sharing this. If I wrote out a dozen "loves" right here it would not quite convey how much I love this drawing. And how well it captures the feeling of the books. Captures and joyfully furthers!


Wilfair Book said...

Oh my garsh I love this drawing! I just posted it and I came back to comment!

myrandaroyann said...

Oh, you wonderfully talented people! I love this drawing! I wish I could draw but at least the young children I work with are amazed by my mediocre drawing skills. You would blow them away, Caitlin.

Nikki said...

This is fantastic! Nice work, Caitlin! Definitely similar to what I pictured... and? She's wearing Gomery's green! <3

Wilfair Book said...

myranda: My one wish is that I could draw. But maybe it is good I cannot, because this blog would be overly flooded with my illustrations. And the books may have been graphic novels, too.

Nikki: Hooray! I hoped it was in the general ballpark. I thought it might be. I like your color associations, too -- you notice. :)

Caitlin said...

All: Thank you so much! I hadn't done any serious drawing in several years, so I was a little worried this might not turn out. I'm pretty happy with it, though, and I'm glad I got to share it with you all.

Amanda W said...

So cool! And, for the record, I think Wilfair, et. al. would make fan-freakin-tastic graphic novels. Although I also love them just as they are.

Wilfair Book said...

Caitlin: SO turned out. I'm waiting for more. Yeah, I said it. Clutchy, greedy, graspy me! Grasping my clutchy, art-loving hands in your general direction.

Amanda: I'm a huge graphic novel fan. Married a comic book guy. It's a Thing, capital T, at Casa Painter. So I do think how something more visual would flow. If time, chance, fate, and seventeen other things converge, I would not be against pursuing that path.

As a complement to the series, of course! Not new stories. But it would be fun to work on. I already can see some of the panels.

Thank you! Hi! I'm catching up on your blog. I do want to give "Arranged" a look for sure.

do dah said...

i enjoy the foot pop. although i was never actually pleased with the foot pop in the princess diaries movie (it seemed so affected), i think of it every time i see one. and it makes me happy. in conclusion: yay!

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