Gomery's Steamy Glasses

     I placed my fingertip against his left lens, and then his right, and drew the go-to picture girls have drawn on fogged windows throughout the ages: a heart. It was an iconic image that never seemed more trite, nor more apt, than at that moment.
     Plus? He could see through a heart.
     Plus? It would disappear in a matter of seconds.

Fair using her fingertip to draw in the fog on Gomery's glasses very nearly became the poster for "Stay Awhile." I hemmed and hawed (someday we should discuss the subtle differences between hemming and hawing) and then ultimately decided on the poster at right, the green wallpaper one.

But the foggy glasses still nagged at me. And then? And then! And then this beautiful illustration recently showed up in my inbox, made by the talented Caitlin D.

(Yep, there are two Caitlins who visit the Wilfairverse now. Have you guys met Caitlin O., who now is stopping by Wilfair HQ? The nutsy thing about the Caitlins is they know each other away from here. MAGICAL.)

Caitlin D., I've been looking at this illustration for a few days now and, as is sometimes said 'round these parts, I'm still not over it. It nearly brings me to tears, which would fog up my own glasses. Thank you so much. What's weirder is we never discussed this moment, nor that it was nearly the poster. MAGICAL.

She even went one step further, my lovely people: She created two separate iPhone images, one for version 4 and one for 5. Please. I'm about to truck a certain word out one more time: MAGICAL.


Wilfair Book said...

Caitlin, you should know that I just made a cup of tea and purposely fogged up my own glasses over the pan in an attempt to recreate the hearts.

In a word: messy! But I might have had honey on my finger.

Hmm. Back to the lab (kitchen).

bess said...

It's a wonderful hive mind! What a great image, Caitlin, it's dead on.

And Alysia, this is one of my fav-o-rite passages from your books!

Wilfair Book said...

It is a great image! And it does seem hive-mind-y when my lovely Wilfairies (I'm trying that label out again, we'll see) are thinking what I'm thinking.

"Hive-mind-y" being a positive, of course!

There's a giant building complex in Orange County that I call the "Hive Mind" when we drive past, but with affection. I usually say "welcome to the Hive Mind" several times in a computer-type voice.

(And thanks, Bess, for being sweet about that passage. Fav-o-rite even? Wow!)

bess said...

My-T-fine, Dy-No-Mite, even. I'm imagining this said in the voice of Snagglepuss.

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