Jane Bennet Rocks a Snood

A number of readers 'round Wilfair HQ are big fans of "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries." Not familiar? I bet you are, Austen aficionado: It's the modern online spin on "Pride & Prejudice" that became quite the sensation since it debuted just over a year ago.

I enjoyed it, too, and I'm looking forward to Welcome to Sanditon, which kicks off on Monday, May 13.

So. If you watched "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries" you might have enjoyed the character Jane and her singular fashion and hair choices. She reminded me of Fair Finley in a few ways, and certainly sartorially, and there wasn't a vintage-fab Jane costume I wasn't wild about.

Then I saw this sweet pic of Jane herself, actress Laura Spencer, in a snood. Please. This is so Fair Finley. I'm getting closer to really attempting this look.

What did you like best about the series?

photo: Calvin Lu Photography
hair/make-up: Tara Daniels


Erika said...

I really liked their take on Lydia. She so often is portrayed exactly as she was written, a twit, but what's more she sometimes comes off as mean. I really felt for her in this version, it inspired a lot of protective emotions. I loved the costume theater as well but Lydia really stuck with me at the end of the show.

Wilfair Book said...

Erika -- Lydia was definitely the most fascinating character to watch this go-around. Totally agree. I liked her nuanced relationship with Lizzie, too, though it didn't always come off as nuanced at first glance.

Costume theater!

Nikki said...

My answer feels so boring, but the thing I liked the best - what I looked forward to the most - was simply how they updated the story. For example, Lizzie's visit to Pemberley wasn't with the Gardiners, rather it was as an intern to a company. And the scandal with Lydia wasn't just her running off with Wickham, instead it was the leak of a very modern sex tape.

Lydia had the widest range and I was definitely glad that she wasn't stuck with Wickham at the end. Unlike book Lydia, who kind of deserves him.

Wilfair Book said...

No boring at all. I, too, liked the updates, specifically the intern angle.

Book Lydia and Wickham are *definitely* perfectly paired! And yet they never seem to make "favorite couples" lists. :)

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