Makin' Free Books Easy-Breezy

For some delightful reason the Buddy Barter has come up a few times in conversation this past week.

Know about it? It's where I send your pal a free book. Done.

But I worry that the bar may seem too high with the whole "writing me for the book" part. So I'm here to say a few things.

1. If we've spoken, you know I'm a dedicated goofball, so your email or your friend's email in no way needs to be formal or lengthy. Whenever anybody addresses me as "Ms. Painter" I want to print it out, decorate it with glitter, and pin it to my shirt all week, just to feel proper and important. So sweet. But is it me? Not at all.

2. Better yet, I'd love a very short email that is dominated by a photo of the sender's favorite food. I'm including my own, as an example.

3. Drat. I'm out of things to say with numbers. And I love listing things via numbers! Okay, here's one of my dream dishes. Actually, I'm curious what everyone likes for their favorite food. (wealhtheow, I still think there should be a post for that secret sauce recipe -- no pressure but want.)

My perfect weekend lunch: a savory falafel wrap and a beautiful craft beer, preferably enjoyed outdoors.


Chiara said...

Falafel! Mmmh, love it! Not my favorite dish but yum!

Also, hello! *waves* It's been a while I properly stopped by here...

Wilfair Book said...

Chiara! Yay!

Falafel is just one of my favorite dishes, but it always seems to hit the spot at Saturday lunch. So it gets a top spot for that reason.

How are you? And what is your favorite dish? Do I know this?

Amanda W said...

That falafel and craft beer looks super yummy. I'm definitely a falafel fan. I always have a really hard time when someone asks me my favorite dish, because frankly I just love food in general. :) So it depends on my mood. Sometimes...spaghetti carbonara. Sometimes...a really good burger and french fries. Sometimes...sushi (especially the Sunday morning roll at my favorite place in NC). And sometimes...pie. Sweet, savory...doesn't matter, just pie.

bess said...

Amanda- Pie is by far my favorite as well! It encompasses so much delciousness, fruit pie, cream pie, quiche - and if you're feeling generous- pizza pie.

Wilfair Book said...

Amanda: It sounds like we have similar tastes! Spaghetti Carbonara is way, way up on the list for me. I mean. Bacon + pasta. And the whole thing is creamy. It's as if the food fairies went straight into my dreams and plucked out a dream dish for me.

Love a classic burger and fries, too. How do you feel about special sauces? I personally love them, but I know some burger purists feel they complicate the experience.

As for your final choice, there is a restaurant in Pasadena called Pie & Burger. And that's exactly what they serve. It's a beautifully clear and simple name. (It's not far from where Thurs Mathers lives in the Wilfairverse, in fact.)

And the Sunday morning roll! Cream cheese. I can never refuse it.

P.S. Have we talked NC? Did you know I lived in Winston-Salem for a summer? Are you obsessed with Asheville like I am?

bess: Exactly. Any food that can swing sweet or savory gets an automatic blue ribbon.

Full disclosure: I like a cherry pie with cherries straight from the can. I mean, I enjoy fresh pies, too. But canned cherries always have a special "burst-ability" to me.

Amanda W said...

Oh man, I'm going have to move Pasadena up on my list of places to visit! Pie & Burger sounds fantastic. And I also love a good special sauce. I'm not a burger purist. :) (side note: best burger I ever had was at a hole in the wall feed store-turned-burger joint outside of Phoenix, AZ where I had my first green chile burger. Heaven!)

Wilfair Book said...

Green. Chile. Burger. I'm a Southwestern girl, so I KNOW. I know and embrace the magic.

I'm wracking my noggin trying to think of the place you mean. Do you remember about where it was outside of Phoenix?

Amanda W said...

Thanks to my sister-in-law's fantastic was in Peoria, AZ. We don't remember the name, but it defnitely wasn't a chain.

Nikki said...

Within recent years, we have taken quite the liking to sushi. Not just plain sushi, oh no. We like the fancy stuff with the varied ingredients, toppings, and delicious sauces. There is just something amazing about finding that perfect combination of flavors to please every sense of the palate, in just one bite. One roll that's standing out in my mind: Haba Berry. Habanero salmon, jalapeno, strawberries, mango, avocado, and some kiwi-green tea sauce, all with that added bit of sweet and tangy sushi rice? YUM!

The same place that offers that roll also has one of the BEST salads we've ever had. Pear and Warm Goat Cheese. I'm drooling just thinking about. Japanese pears, fried balls of goat cheese, candied pecans, on a bed of mixed greens (confined in loooong cucumber slices wrapped to make a small bowl) and a deliciously sweet red wine vinaigrette.

Wilfair Book said...

Amanda: I'm definitely looking this up next time I'm through the Phoenix area. Thanks!

Nikki! Interesting. Here's my thing: I love jalapeño and habañero and basically any other pepper that's off the capiscum scale for heat. And I really love peppers when they are paired with strawberries and fruit, like in salads. So what you've described sounds absolutely scrummy. ("Scrummy" being a good thing, of course.)

But basically all of those ingredients, avocado, mango, sound perfect to me.

Also, fried balls of goat cheese? I wish I could have those words made into a temporary tattoo and wear them around on my forearm all week, just to think about them some more.

do dah said...

with the sweet and spicy likes... have any of y'all tried cowboy candy? (candied jalapenos) it's seriously addictive. (also, this thread is hungry-making)

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