Something rather rare may happen in Yosemite Valley tonight: A moonbow across Yosemite Falls.

The idea of a nighttime bow, created by light reflected from our planet's lunar sidekick, appearing in the tallest waterfall on the continent, makes my wonder-hungry head spin.

Why am I posting about it here?

2. The Wilfair books have a lot of love for majestic, strange, amazing California. This qualifies.
3. Yosemite Valley is just over an hour from The Redwoodian, in the book universe (the mountain lodge sits near the national park's eastern edge). If our Wilfair peeps happened to be at The Redwoodian on the night of a potential moonbow, they would have to drop everything, and I do mean everything, from shuffling sleepy movie stars around to throwing bread to brain kissing to philosophizing on the nature of everybody winning and nobody being sad, get in the motel van, and drive straight for the moonbow.
4. Once there, there would be talking about the moonbow. There would be talking about the moon. There would be talking about eternity and the cosmos and vast ideas and intimate handholding and where someone can get pancakes in Yosemite Valley at 11 o'clock at night.

cr: Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau


do dah said...

that sounds amazing! have you ever seen one?

Wilfair Book said...

I never have! Though I sometimes see little bows in puddles and such, but that's daytime.

Oh, I suppose the moon itself sometimes gets a certain bow around it, various colors, on rare nights.

What's your strangest bow sighting?

do dah said...

my dad calls the moon thing you describe in your comment "moon dogs." for some reason, this is a very james dean-and-cigarettes name to me, and i feel like it makes the moon rebellious (not in a "the moon is a harsh mistress" way, though. although i love that particular rebellion because OMG THE ECONOMIC GEEKERY. ahem. done now.)

my actual strangest bow sighting probably involves burlesque fest and bows (the fabric kind) in places they don't normally appear, although nothing immediately comes to mind. ask me again after this year's festival in july?

but pretty happy innocent bow sightings? there was a rainbow that ended IN MY YARD. i could see it from one side and run towards it and suddenly see it from the other side, but i couldn't manage to 1) be IN it or 2) find a leprechaun. all of this running around after rainbows occurs at approximately age 30, btw. not cute and eight, or whatever.

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