Swimming Pool for Motel Guests Only

“What an odd night! But they all are.” My dad glanced at Gomery, who again occupied the space next to the button panel. “Right, Montgomery? You must know that, at the motel.”

“I really do, Mr. Finley.”

“When was your last full night’s sleep? When no guests checking in or problems got you up. I’ll guess two weeks ago.”

“Three.” Gomery’s mauve under-eye circles looked darker than ever. “I’ve never woken a celebrity though. Had to throw a few famous swimmers out. For whatever reason, the Motel Fairwil pool attracts the late-night party crowd. Maybe we’re too close to the clubs.”

Ejected from the Motel Fairwil pool by Monty and/or Gomery over the years:

Random non-guests: 33
Midnight skinny dippers: 10
Famous actors, musicians, or politicians: 13
Famous people neither Monty nor Gomery could quite place but their faces seemed familiar: 2
Wilfair Hotel guests who were surprised to learn the hotel didn't have pool privileges: 92
Local teenagers out after curfew: 18

Invited to use the Motel Fairwil pool by Monty and/or Gomery over the years:

Random non-guests who got ejected but booked a motel room in order to keep swimming: 8
Wilfair Hotel employees just off a tiring shift: 28
Neighborhood kids on broiling August afternoons: 49
Pajama-clad Wilfair Hotel owner: 1

The beautiful Stardust Motel
cr: Kristine Paulus


Erika said...

"Neighborhood kids on broiling August afternoons: 40 "


Caitlin #2 said...

Neighborhood kids AND exhausted Wilfair employees. So sweet <3

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