Caitlin has gifted us with another very, very, very, VERY nice illustration. Reader talent, hooray!

She spied a photograph and was inspired to sketch it with a particular Fair/Gomery spin, complete with orange swimsuit. It arrived in my inbox tonight with these "Stay Awhile" lines:

"Are you walking out of the pool in this analogy?" 
"Picture what you like." 
"Oh, I do." 

Thank you, Caitlin. And happy start of the week, everyone!


Amanda W said...


Nikki said...


Nice work, once again, Caitlin!

Caitlin said...

Is it weird that I'm swooning and squeeing about my own drawing? Because that's happening.

Aside from that, isn't it such a Fair Finley move to pull down her hat brim because she impulsively thinks that way nobody will see her? Reminiscent of grabbing her own neck and then trying to hide behind her bedroom curtains.

Wilfair Book said...

Caitlin, here's the hard-and-fast policy at Wilfair HQ: Squee away! And definitely about your own stuff! YES. You never need apologize. You only need to bask in the sweet feedback.

Strangely I was JUST thinking about that curtain moment today. I like when people in the books get silly.

Fair would definitely be a brim-puller. It isn't simply that she's modest, which she kind of is, but that she's lived around people who kind of watch her -- chaperone, if you will, or just merely observe -- her whole life.

In the past she's longed for, like, a full-body hat brim, but I think those days are over.

Ginny said...

Gorgeous! Love it!

do dah said...

adorable! the hat is the perfect touch.

Chiara said...

This is awesome! I'm always very much in awe of people who can draw.

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