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Remember when I said that if I saw art at a party-- not Art, as in a man named Art, but art, as in tangible output stemming from creative urge, I'd probably pat my knee and ask it to sit on my lap?

Yeah, I said that.

In short, I like visuals. And I've been enjoying many visuals as a regular reader of several Tumblr blogs for years. But I've never had my own.

But then Caitlin D. -- you admired her terrific illustration in the post below -- shared some of her "Stay Awhile" quote posters on her Tumblr, and soon I was visiting her blog regularly. I got inspired to give a Wilfair Tumblr a go and now it is officially rolling. Huzzah! Confetti! Dancing cats!

I'm posting anything/everything that has the scent of Wilfairiana to it. You can, too; I've added a "Submit" button to my page:


Here's where to find Caitlin, Caitlin, Chiara, myranda, and Nikki:

Caitlin D.
Caitlin O.

You know 'em from the comments, so I am sure you'll groove on what they're Tumblring, too. Austen! "Game of Thrones"! Anime! Ideas! Social Justice! Friendship! "New Girl"! "30 Rock"! "Doctor Who"! Animals! A recipe for chocolate lasagna!

Laws of like attracting like? I'm happy to report those laws govern the Wilfairverse, because now that I'm seeing more of what my ladies enjoy, I'm nodding vigorously and pumping both fists. The things I just listed? This is all my stuff, too, or stuff adjacent to my stuff.

(Isn't it fun knowing people who have stuff that lives next door to your stuff? Chances are high you'll get along.)

If you want me to add your blog to that list, just stick it in the comments or email me! Looking forward to getting to know the stuff that orbits your world.


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