I'm just off a rather big weekend, and feeling like I could use some extra rest as Monday tap-tap-taps on the window.

My dozing mind turned last night to the people of the Wilfair world, and whether they get enough shut-eye. Here they are, from least sleep to most:

1. Thurs Mathers
2. Gomery Overbove
3. Sutton Von Hunt
4. Clementine Hwang
5. Monty Overbove
6. Fair Finley
7. Prior Yates

1. Thurs has 100 hotels and a lot of stuff going. I'm pretty sure 24 hours a day isn't doing it for him, and he definitely isn't sleeping eight hours a night. I wonder if he has some employee working on finding him another two or three hours in the day? So he can have 27 hours to get all of his stuff done? Likely.

2. If Gomery is at the Motel Fairwil, he's working, even if he isn't technically working, which means that whenever he is at home he is "on" and rarely at rest. He's forever got an ear out to stuff happening out by the pool area, and the night bell wakes him far more than it wakes Monty.

3. The fruit shop at Farmers Market gets going early, just after dawn,  when the first crates of kiwis and bananas arrive. Sutton usually puts in a few hours before heading to school. Chopping guava and strawberries is her specialty, whether she's yawny or not.

4. Clementine works on film sets, which spin to life ahead of the day beginning. She needs time to set up her sound equipment. She's generally arrives ready to work and doesn't like delays or film-set drama. In fact, I half-suspect she steps away from her set-up to mediate any dramas.

5. Monty doesn't always hear the motel's night bell, and feel some guilt over that. Part of the issue is he is often out seeing midnight movies in the funky cinemas dotting the Motel Fairwil's city neighborhood. If he arrives home from a late film and sees Gomery checking in a guest, Monty typically scrambles to take over. The tired guest usually wonders why two half-asleep guys are mildly bickering over who gets to check them in at 2 o'clock in the morning. It's probably all a little surreal, for everyone involved.

6. Fair gets enough sleep, but she's doesn't laze about bed in the mornings. She wants to show her employees that someone is minding the eight-story ship while her parents are at their other hotels. False alarms do happen at The Wilfair, like they do in all large hotels, so those will rouse her. There are two ways to exit The Wilfair during an alarm, back and front, but Fair usually steps out the back, meaning she gets to check out the motel and do some light staring at the doors to Rooms 126/127 until the firemen give the all clear at the hotel.

7. Prior Yates has many early movie call times, but he also has a deluxe trailer. He likes to repair there for afternoon naps while his co-stars shoot their scenes. Plus his agent's sister's nutritionist says a midday rest is good for circulation and keeping under-eye puffiness to a minimum.

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do dah said...

dear thurs mathers:

i would like an extra dimension (or even just a bit of one) in which to store things that i want to have but do not want to carry around and moments that should never disappear. when you find/create this, would you please share? extra points if you do, indeed, wear the scarf from the telepathic album cover. double extra points if the scarf is accompanied by the pensive look.

if said dimension also includes Nap Time, a time-out-of-time that includes a rather gloriously cushioned sleeping room in which one can nap for hours while apparently spending fifteen seconds staring vacantly off into space in real life, i would be especially grateful.

do dah

Wilfair Book said...

This comment is going straight into the Comment Museum, which sits just down the block from Wilfair HQ. (Love the Wilfair Comment Museum SO much, though it really needs a gift shop.)

"double extra points if the scarf is accompanied by the pensive look."

do dah!!!!! Get out here at once so I can buy you a sugary tropical cocktail topped by five paper umbrellas. I'm free at 5 p.m. Can you make it? I'll be sitting on my front steps wearing a giant green hat and my best sippin' a sweet drink frock.

do dah said...

sigh, i missed that particular meeting time. although if i ever happen upon the ability to time travel, i'll fix that. and i'm totally working on it...

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