100K People Bike Wilshire

Yesterday 100,000 people showed up to ride their bicycles down the middle of Wilshire. Six miles of the boulevard -- which is truly a huge, huge street -- were closed for the event. You likely know this event: It's called CicLAvia and it is very big in South America and parts of the U.S. It's all about returning major roads, if only for a day, to bicycles, scooters, wheelchairs, people on foot, strollers, skaters, and joggers.

The western terminus of this CicLAvia was Wilshire & Fairfax, a little corner you might know if you've been by this blog once or twice. I visited and snapped a few pictures.


Remember the museum I talked about that's covered with 12,000 yarn squares? That's on Wilshire. I also just found over the weekend that this building's architect also built The Ahwahnee in Yosemite, which is very much one of The Redwoodian's real-life inspirations, specifically its fireplace.

All this time I had no idea that  the fictional Wilfair Hotel was steps away from a building designed by the man who is behind the lodge that inspired The Wilfair's fictional sibling, The Redwoodian. Wilshire Boulevard, you're magic!

A sign was up touting the Purple Line. Wilshire and Fairfax is getting a subway stop in only a decade. Yay!

Iconic LA: An orange balloon, bikes, a palm tree, a LACMA banner, two LAPD officers, and the La Brea Tar Pits.

The children's art station in front of the museum was dedicated to making your own motel or diner neon sign. Oh yes it was!

Cyclists stroll under Levitated Mass, the famous "floating" boulder behind the museum (The Wilfair Hotel and Motel Fairwil would be just to the left of the boulder in the picture).

This cyclist had the best socks of the day.

Mere days after I vowed I rarely put photos of myself on this blog, here I am with Oscar. Several giant Oscars filled the middle of Wilshire, heralding the coming of the Oscar movie museum at Wilshire & Fairfax. (Fun fact: Any time I come across an Oscar, I rub his hands for luck. I'd do his nose, if I could reach it.)

Wilshire & Fairfax with a bit of June Gloom -- aka the summer marine layer -- rolling back to the Pacific.


wealhtheow said...

What a FAB idea! I love this notion. With the little dude in full day kindergarten next year, I am definitely looking forward to riding my bike to run errands rather than taking the car.

Wilfair Book said...

I love this comment. Bike errands! Do you have a cute little flowery basket? Or have you seen those bikes that have a whole bucket on the end? That seems very handy to me.

PS Are you coming out to California this summer? I think you should, wealhtheow. No pressure, but, yes, do.

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