My head is full of the Beatles today (though it often is). The new Ringo Starr exhibit opens tomorrow at the Grammy Museum and I'm swinging by for a little peek. I'll also get to see him (!) say a few words during the event. He better not hum a few bars of "Octopus's Garden" because then this will be me:

You guys, I've always always always wanted to be in the same room as a Beatle. I'm also very excited to see this exhibit, because it includes the drum kit used on both The White Album and Abbey Road, two of the seminal records of my life.

Can I also say that Mr. Starr personally okayed the exhibit, the better to spread a message of love and peace? Dang it, this WILL be me today:

Reader Caitlin O. and I have chatted Beatles (hi, Caitlin O.! I'm drawing the curtain back on your Fab Four affections right here, right now -- hope you don't mind). We both have the same favorite Beatle -- George Harrison -- and we both agree that Abbey Road would play A LOT on the small system inside the Motel Fairwil lobby. (Gomery's choice; Monty's a fan of mid-catalog Beatles, but Gomery's all the later works.)

As a former Hotel Girl with a deep knowledge of front desks, I can say this: Not only are they excellent for neckties folding upon themselves and the resting of elbows but they make excellent impromptu drumming surfaces. Meaning when Gomery is working the Motel Fairwil front desk, and no one is in the lobby, he is finger-drumming -- that's drumming with both index fingers against the edge of a surface, of course -- to "She Came In Through the Bathroom Window."

Caitlin O. kindly and very astutely paired a bunch of Beatles's songs with several of the characters, but I think I'll leave off on Across the Universe, which she says (and I agree) is a good Fair and Gomery song, together.

If you have a favorite Beatles song, tell me! Someone please pick "Blackbird," please please please?


Update: The event was so fun and my fangirl heart beats hard for Ringo! What a charmer. That man has TWINKLE in the eye, one of my favorite qualities, and he brought such a warm feeling to the room. 

And did I tear up a little when he said that the times weren't *all* good with the lads but mostly? What an honest, heartfelt admission. Totally touching.

Goodness me.

Now if you've come around Wilfair HQ before, you know I do not often post photos of myself* beyond the corner reader photos.

But I'll share the snapshot below. It was a thrill to sit at a reproduction drum kit from a 1966 concert, for sure, but I'm sharing because of this: I'm holding invisible drumsticks, acting like I'm all cool or something.

Oh yes I am.

I think I'd like that to be in my obituary one day: Alysia was a fair-to-middling dancer, a solid anecdote sharer, and a disappointing pastry cook, but put her behind a drum kit and she'd pretend to rock out with no drumsticks at all.

And there's today's lesson, at least for me. No drumsticks? No problem. Summon the drumsticks in your mind and pretend like you're cool or something, even if you aren't. (I tend to land on the "or something" end of that equation.) 

* Not totally true. Here I am with my naturalist crush John Muir and here I am riding Dumbo.

top photo cr: Big Shot Movie Club


Erika said...

My favorite Beatles song is Eleanor Rigby. Hands down. No contest. I adore that song. Like, want to make it into a quilt so I can wrap myself up in it when it rains.

However, I apparently hum Yellow Submarine when I am busy. Alex always stops whatever he is doing to laugh at me.

Enjoy the museum and please report back, posthaste, on Mr. Starr!

Wilfair Book said...

Erika: A friend of mine went as the Yellow Submarine one Halloween. Her costume was elaborate and absolutely magnificent. There was an issue of knocking into walls, though, and doorways. :)

"Eleanor Rigby" -- oh, what a tale that is. So much shared in such a small space.

Jamila said...

Let it Be is my theme song/mantra. No lie. I have jewelry of its lyrics, it's the screensaver on my laptops, and if I ever get a tattoo, that would be it. (in white ink, on my inside wrist)

Other than that, I might say Here Comes the Sun. Or While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Or Across the Universe. OH, no. Lady Madonna. Or The Long and Winding Road. Or Hey Jude (I like to pretend it's "Hey Jules" instead). God, of course I have to have Yesterday on this list. And In My Life (my BFF and her dad recently danced to this at her wedding and I cried buckets). I can say with confidence that my 6-year-old son is more a fan of the early works. Help! and I Wanna Hold Your Hand top his list.

Clearly, I lack decision-making skills. That's why I need to let things be.

Can't wait to hear a report on the museum!!

Caitlin #2 said...

I was remiss in my emails - I forgot to tell you that I saw Ringo and the All-Starrs ages ago at Taste of Minnesota (in my defense, a quick google search tells me that it was 13 years ago, so yeah, AGES). It was so cool! That's so great that you'll get to see him speak at this event. The link also said drum lessons with Ringo...???? I need a report on that!

I really can't pick a favorite song, although basically all the ones everyone else listed are near the top of my list. Eleanor Rigby in particular, since I'm a string player so I was always like, "I could play that one!" Another favorite that knocks around my head a lot - You've Got to Hide Your Love Away.

Kelly said...

The Beatles!!! (Another topic that makes me go very exclamation-pointy)

I said something in my reader spotlight about people who don’t like music being a bug-bear of mine, and I can narrow that down further, because I am inherently distrustful of anyone who doesn’t like the Beatles. To the point where it’s a relationship deal-breaker for me, along with ‘hates dogs and/or kids’.

I don’t think I can pick a favourite; they have so so many amazing songs. Across the universe is beautiful, and I love the Fiona Apple cover of it too. Something and Don’t Let Me Down both have a kind of emotional gut punch effect on me I can’t really explain. I Want To Hold Your Hand, With a Little Help From My Friends, and All You Need is Love are right at the top of my pick-me-up playlist for when I need a little musical help to feel sunny and optimistic.

Have I told my ‘Hey Jude on the tube’ story on here before? Sorry if I have, but I’m going to tell it again, because it’s one of my favourite anecdotes and totally comment thread appropriate! To set the scene for those of you have never experienced the London Underground, the general rule is to avoid eye-contact and small talk with strangers at all costs. It is not generally the cheeriest or most social of places, except for on this one occasion when I was travelling home from a friend’s party in a fairly crowded carriage at around midnight. A bunch of guys got on, one of them carrying a mini-keyboard. Keyboard player’s (obviously tipsy) friends encouraged him to start playing, so he busted out a quick keyboard solo, and when he finished everyone gave him a round of applause. After that he looked around, shouted ‘Everybody join in for this one’ and started playing Hey Jude. By the time he got to the Nah Nah Nah’s the entire carriage was singing along. It was amazing, and so surreal that after it was over I had to ask the lady sitting next to me to confirm it had actually happened!

Wilfair Book said...

Jamila: "Let It Be" is a most excellent mantra/theme song. It is both calming and clarifying, even after a single listen.

All of your other choices resonate, particularly "In My Life." I also appreciate that your 6yo son is taking up the Beatles banner. (I loved the early stuff, too, as a kid. Still do, but, you know. The White Album found me in college! And that was that.)

Caitlin #2: So jealous about Taste of Minnesota! Also that you were actually at Taste of Minnesota. Do you remember what you ate?

"You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" is not one that's heard a lot, but it definitely ranks with the very top hits. Well, it is heard, I suppose, but not as much as some others. But, ohhh, what a perfect rainy day driving song. I'm listening to it now and wishing I had a damp window to stare pensively out of (I'm in the passenger seat in this scenario, not driving).

Kelly: Love the passionate response! Also love that you said "bug-bear." I'm not sure I've ever used that saying before but I intend to incorporate it from here on out.

Your picks? Of course, perfection.

Now I'm wishing I'd mentioned my extreme love for "For No One."

Also, Caitlin #2 and I talked "We Can Work It Out" and that remains a favorite.

But to the real point: Your "Hey Jude" story. I've always, always, always longed to be part of an impromptu "Hey Jude" singalong, and that it happened for you on the Tube! Oh, envy. Oh, joy. Oh, I'm so happy you shared that. I would have "nah nah nah'd" my little heart out alongside you, believe it.

By the way, that is one of my favorite things: group singing on a moving conveyance. I was on an old West train a few years ago and an old-time balladeer, complete with twangy guitar, led us in some vintage "life along the tracks" ditties from the 1800s.

If I yelled "yee haw!" a few times, from sheer joy, well. I hope others on the train forgave me.

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