Caitlin #2 Visits Wilshire & Fairfax!

Reader photos, visits, and write-ups are my favorite thing here at Wilfair HQ, and when I get something wonderful from somebody -- you all saw the Ginny and Chris anniversary photos, right, where they take on a bit of Fair Finley and Gomery Overbove? -- it makes my week, 1000%.

Last week was extra twinkly because another reader paid me a visit at Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue here in Los Angeles: Caitlin #2!

Now, about the #2: There's a lovely Caitlin who has been stopping by here for several months, and she introduced me to her pal Caitlin. A cavalcade of Caitlins! If I'd known that writing these books would bring not one but two Caitlins into my sphere, I would have done it years sooner.

But even before I came onto the scene, the Caitlins had been referring to themselves, quite cheekily, as Caitlin #1 and Caitlin #2. So I shall, too.

So, my date with Caitlin #2: She and I had a bite at Farmers Market and chatted about our many commonalities. We both have Minnesota connections -- any Minnesotans coming 'round here? -- and our California affections. She is a Southern California resident like myself. She also loves some of the very specific things I love, like "The Big Lebowski," which the two of us can go on about.

Then it was time for our Wilshire and Fairfax picture. My husband played photographer again -- I love when Chris cameos on the corner -- it is my intention that all my readers one day meet this magical human -- and that's where Caitlin and I decided on two things for our outfit: hair flowers AND neckties.

Excessive? Maybe, but what of it?

And then -- don't be jealous, just plan to join us next time -- we visited the famous Harry Potter shop down the street from The Wilfair Hotel's corner. Did we have fun browsing? Oh, we did. We discussed knitting projects -- hers, not mine, and now I want pictures for the blog -- as well as our various fan affections. Holler, "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Arrested Development"!

Thanks again, Caitlin #2, for hanging with me! Our SoCal shenanigans are only starting.


Caitlin #2 said...

Hi everyone! *waves*

A note about the Caitlin #1/#2 thing: it was not actually before you came on the scene, Alysia. It was inspired entirely by Montgomery #1/#2, and I am #2 because I was second on board the Wilfair train (although we can tell Sutton it's because Caitlin #1 is first in alphabetical order, which is also true). As a result, I like to think of myself as the Monty of the pair, which I think is fairly appropriate :) What do you think, Caitlin #1? Alysia?

Caitlin #1 said...

Oh! I didn't actually know it was inspired by Montgomery #1/#2, although now that is so obvious I wonder why I didn't get it earlier! Also, yes, it is entirely appropriate that you are the Monty and I am the Gomery in this situation. I think that fits our personalities. :)

Erika said...

I think hair flower and neckties is just right! Nice to "meet" you Caitlin#2!!

Wilfair Book said...

Caitlin #1 and #2: I love this conversation. And apologies that I got the timeline wrong! Now I know. Now. I. Know.

Erika: I will never forget that you took the first reader photo chance! Whenever I post a new corner photo, I get a little bit misty about that misty fall day. I remember. :)

Wilfair Book said...

P.S. Caitlins, on the Monty/Gomery assignments: AGREE.

do dah said...

but did anyone end up with a pygmy puff? please don't neglect these important details!

Wilfair Book said...

do dah: Now I feel a little empty that I do not have a Pygmy Puff. I need to right this wrong immediately.

I just spent a lot of time looking at Pygmy Puff pictures online. I'm also newly obsessed with Archie the pig from "Monsters University," a possible distant cousin to the Pygmy Puff.

do dah said...

wow, i can't decide if those pictures are adorable or scary! (the apparently official ones that look like... rats that got trapped in a dryer. the ones that are all eyes are adorable)

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