Crying at the Movies

Fair Finley
Fair tears up at both happy and sad movies, and funny movies, too. If a character is having an emotion, any emotion, Fair is right with them, whether the emotion is high or low. She'll weep at "Little Women," all versions, "Brokeback Mountain," beginning to finish, when Maria and the Captain are singing in the gazebo in "The Sound of Music," the end of "Slumdog Millionaire," and "Moulin Rouge," too. This is a positive because she keeps a little too much inside at the hotel, trying to look professional at all times.

She doesn't mind crying in public as long as it isn't at the hotel or in front of her family's employees.

Sutton Von Hunt
Sutton responds emotionally if she sees injustice or wrongdoing. Movies where people are being kept down or being denied their full potential will summon an angry tear or two. Workplace films, like "Norma Rae" can fire her up, but family dramas, like "Terms of Endearment," break her right down and send her to the tissue box. She also like a good love story, as long as it is "real" and not too marshmallowy. A little strife, and not fluffy, easily removed obstacles, attract her fancy. Think "Love Story" or "Atonement" or any other uncuted-up flick.

Sutton and Fair may cry a bit harder when together.

Monty Overbove
Monty is full of opinion, heat, and scowls during a film, at both the screen (if the directing isn't to his liking) or if someone around him is talking (his ultimate beef). He'll sit with his hands pyramided, in front of his face, peering over the tips of his touching fingers with intensity. Does he cry? Very infrequently, but if he does, he makes a big show of blowing his nose afterwards and clapping the backs of his fellow film goers in the lobby, saying he's glad they got through it together. Whatever Monty does, he's going to do it the most. "Shawshank Redemption" is his big tearjerker, though he loved "Life of Pi" and "Life Is Beautiful."

Gomery Overbove
The aspiring architectural physicist makes it to the theater less than his cousin, but he loves science fiction and oddball movies. He watches a film pretty quietly, though he'll sometimes lean over to Monty to point out scientific inconsistencies. This drives Monty nuts and Gomery gets sternly warned before the lights go down (but rarely heeds the warning, because he forgets). Does he weep a little? No, generally, but don't ask him about when Sam carries Frodo up the side of Mount Doom, nor the Ellie-Carl montage in "UP!" and definitely steer away from "Toy Story 3" and the incinerator moment.

Clementine Hwang
Clementine is a serious animation fan, so, like Gomery, she plugs into anything Pixar as well as Studio Ghibli. But she likes older films, too, French realism and avant garde works, and she's totally into all of the silent pictures with Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton and Theta Bara. Music has a way of touching Clementine, and sound, of course, and if a film has a theremin in it, or a harpsichord, or a piano medley, or a cello, she'll get a lump in her throat and something in her eye. A good romantic reprise in a musical is very much her thing, too.

Prior Yates
The movie star is often watched while he's watching films, especially his own, but that doesn't stop him from reacting in all the normal ways. In fact, he likely reacts overly broadly, laughing hard at his co-stars' lines and smiling demurely at his own lines that get laughs or sighs. Does he cry? He doesn't, especially at his own movies, because he knows what's coming, but sometimes he does at home, in one of his big houses, because he has some privacy and doesn't need to manage his emotions. He will sometimes tear up at his own performances, if only because he kind of remembers what he was going through that day, outside of the film.

Thurs Mathers
Thurs installed a home theater with surround sound but hasn't had a chance to use it yet.


do dah said...

thurs. you are beautiful. (it may help that today i am thoroughly in love with your crush on fair).

i go through phases where i either don't cry for years or will cry at absolutely everything, including commercials (this phase is current). my most embarrassing theatre moments, though, are usually when i laugh either way before everyone else (why?) or at things that are not supposed to be funny. worst example: rose promises jack to not let go of his hand in titanic. ergo, when he is a leosicle and she must let him go and there's a giant cracking sound when she disengages from him, i thought she actually cracked off his hand! i dissolved into inappropriate laughter; i was not popular in the theatre that day, let me tell you. frankly, the memory still makes me giggle.

Caitlin #2 said...

I'm nearly tearing up to read about all the characters' squishy emotional underbellies that (for the most part) they probably like to hide from people. I just want to give them all hugs now!

Also, it makes me inordinately happy that one of Monty's top films (or weepy ones, anyway) is Life is Beautiful. I would love to watch that with him with the permission to be as over-the-top emotional about it as we felt like, especially since, as sad as it is, there's plenty to laugh at, too. Monty would make an awesome movie buddy.

Kelly said...

Pixar always brings the sobs. Does anyone not cry at Up!? Those people must be either stone-hearted or possess significantly higher levels of emotional control than me.

All of Fair's tearjerkers are definitely ones that made me cry.
I'm not a big crier in general life, but I often get pretty emotional over films, whether its happy or sad tears. The last 5 mins of Homeward Bound makes me cry happy tears every. Single. Time

bess said...

Up destroys me, every time.

This is why I like going to movies alone, I get easily embarrassed by my emotional reactions to movies - sometimes I just won't cry when everyone one else is weeping and then I'll end up sobbing at something silly, like Armageddon (true!). Weirdly, the beginning of the 2009 Star Trek tears me up whenever I watch it. And sometimes I'll end up crying in front of a room of 5th graders like when I showed them The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.

Do dah- I have the same thing with going for years without crying at a movie but I've been in the crying jag state for several years now and I think it's here to stay :)!

myrandaroyann said...

I'm totally a Fair when it comes to crying during movies, TV shows, books, commercials, when I'm upset, or angry, or...

Bess: Armageddon makes me cry every time! So does Up, of course, along with most kid movies. Dad still doesn't understand why Toy Story 3 made me cry. Brave made me cry when I saw it in the theater. I refuse to watch Gladiator anymore because it makes me cry.

I'm a sympathetic crier. If someone is crying, in real life or in a show or book, I'm crying too.

myrandaroyann said...

Also, Bess: Who wouldn't cry at the beginning of Star Trek (2009)?! Only a truly heartless soul...

Chiara said...

Oh Sutton! I love you <3

I cry when there's death involved, especially pets, even more so when said pet is a dog. Or people saying their goodbyes in any other way, I can't deal with goodbyes very well, in movies or in real life. On the other hand happy reunions also make me cry.

do dah: I love your Titanic story!

Wilfair Book said...

You guys! I never commented on this thread, and I loved everything everyone said. What? How did this happen?

Thank you for weighing, and let's just say I'd happily cry with any of you. I'm a softie for fictional characters in a spot of trouble.

And yes, Chiara, pets and goodbyes. Sniffle.

And yes, "Star Trek" from 2009! Urf.

And Myranda, totally me, too. If I see tears in real life, over anything, I'm lending my sniffly support through my own wet eyes.

Let's all go to the movies together one day! But maybe see a cheerier film.

Who am I kidding? I'll still bawl.

do dah said...

chiara! i just found this on the hairpin. making movies with animals in them safe(r) to watch! because whenever there is an animal in the movie, i lose my ability to focus on the story and spend the whole time holding on to my chair for dear life and hoping that the animal does not end up abused or dead.

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