Fair & Gomery

The wonderful Bambi is the artist behind this very pretty piece.

Want a silhouette, dear readers? She is professional, efficient, and so friendly, too.

It's Fair and Gomery. Hooray! Silhouette magic.

cr: Bambi115


bess said...

These are great and the hair is perfection on both! It cannot be easy to depict a silhouetted snood. Something like this would make agreat gift. Weird question, but I wonder if the artist would do pet silhouettes?

Jade said...

That snood is perfection.

do dah said...

this is beautiful. (messy guy hair that you do not want to douse with shampoo for the win!)

Wilfair Book said...

bess: Right? A snood can't be easy. You should ask her about pets! She is the best. Tell her I sent you!

Jade: Agreed. Thanks for the blog hello!

do dah: You're going to talk about messy guy hair AND '70s Harrison Ford on the same day, all without an email warning to me? Fine.

Caitlin #1 said...

do dah: Messy guy hair that you don't want to douse in shampoo is a fine line. The fact that this silhouette hits that mark is truly impressive.

do dah said...

caitlin #1, it really is. but we've met gomery, and i think it's safe to give him the benefit of the doubt re: regular showers (except in stay awhile, but... special circumstances)

alysia, could you just give me a list of all of the things for which you need advance swoon warning? we'll work this out.

Wilfair Book said...

do dah: Let's talk swoon one day. I'm here for you.

Gomery shampoos pretty regularly, but he also goes in the pool now and then, too. So sometimes his hair is clean-curly and sometimes its chlorine-curly.

Fair's hair is either in a snood or everywhere.

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