First Crush

We're partying like it is 1999, because that's the number of comments we hit today! Woot! Thank you so much. (That number includes me, of course. I can't resist elbowing into a good comments conversation.)

And thank you for making your comments so entertaining. There are some that really make me laugh, including this one left by Bess under the "Is Wilfair a Musical?" post:

Davey Jones was my first, human celebrity crush (the very first being Floyd, the guitarist Muppet).

I immediately snatched that comment and took it out for ice cream over at the famous Farmers Market. Sutton says hi, everyone, except she sort of waved her cleaver when she said it. Double meaning?

Bess's charming admission got me wondering about the first crushes of my other ladies and if they are indeed as Muppety. So if you'd like to share, and push the comments right over the 2,000 mark, let's go for it!

First, here's Floyd. Good pick, Bess! The rad glasses and exuberant 'stache are un-bel-iev-able on this dude.


Here's mine, and I really gave it some thought. I've always loved HR Pufnstuf, and his human friend Jimmy, and Jimmy's talking flute Freddy. This show was a bit before my time but holy bright colors! Psychedelia! Music!

But I could never decide, as a young lass, if Pufnstuf had my heart, or the boy, or the flute.

So upon reflection I've decided I had my first crush on their friendship rather than on any one of them. I've always liked multiple-people friendships. Though this is more of person-musical instrument-dragon friendship, if you want to be technical.

Can a first crush be on a friendship? Rather than an actual being? I'm saying yes. I think I might have had the occasional crush on, like, rocks I found, and pretty leaves that meant a lot to me. Clouds, even.

And bringing it back to Bess, who mentioned also liking Davy Jones of The Monkees: Jack Wild, who played Jimmy on HR Pufnstuf, and Mr. Jones both played the Artful Dodger in "Oliver." Jack Wild played the role in the film and Davy Jones on Broadway. Musicals, yay!

Who was your first crush?


Jamila said...


I weep.

do dah said...

i'm having a heck of a time trying to remember. i do know i have a track record (from a surprisingly early age) of crushing on boys who have, at one point or another, had blue hair. i'm not sure if that's because blue hair is a common Boy Phase?

maybe billy from billy and blaze? i can't remember whether i actually had a crush on him, or if i just loved the books with a deep and abiding love. i'll keep thinking about it...

also, Jamilla, just the fact that the link has the WORDS "the last unicorn" in it is enough to make me cry. that movie!

Amanda W said...

I think my first crush (that I can remember) may have been Johnny from the book Johnny Tremain. Oh, and Robin Hood from the Disney animated version where they're all animals. I still have a soft spot for Robin Hood in all his retellings and incarnations.

Erika said...

I think for me it was Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty. My sister wanted my mom to name me Aurora. Of course I wanted my mom to name my little sister Marahute from Rescuers Down Under, sooo I think I loved animals more than anything else when I was young. I was never really into boys until Justin Timberlake came along, and not JT as we know him now. This guy:

Lol!! There is a tumblr devoted to this!! Morning made.

bess said...

Floyd is still looking fine! that 'stache and eyebrows, wow.

Erika, Prince Philip is my favorite of the Disney princes, by far. He fights Maleficent/Dragon which is more than Prince Charming ever did (find a shoe? nice try, buddy).

Amanda- Johnny Tremain! I looooved this book and I recently retreived my old copy from my dad's house and re-read it. It still holds up, both Johnny and his buddy Reb are swoon-worthy. And Robin Hood with the foxes? Probably my favorite Disney movie ever.

Wilfair Book said...

Lady J: THE. LAST. UNICORN. You have chosen wisely.

do dah: I'm a fan of blue hair. Never had it but admire the heck out of it when I see it. Also, the covers of "Billy and Blaze" make me pre-emotional. Thick in the throat, even. A boy, a horse.

Amanda: Two excellent picks! The Disney Robin Hood strikes just that right balance of chutzpah and endearingness.

Erika: The JT curls! I mean. I just kind of want to bronze them. Prince Phillip is a solid choice, too. He just feels dependable, not so flashy. Like he'll hold your stuff when you need to go into battle.

Bess, I'm glad you and Erika are rounding out the comments because I thought of you both last night while making dinner.

Erika, "The Happiest Millionaire" arrived from Netflix. We got it on your suggestion a few comment threads down! And Bess, my husband happened to walk in with the mail, and that movie, just when I was listening to The Apples in Stereo, which was a rec from you.

Which is all to say that basically all of my reading/watching/listening choices come from this blog nowadays!

Meaning that if someone suggests something here at Wilfair HQ, I go straight out and study up on it, rent it, or buy it.

Just so you know. :)

Erika said...

Alysia: Have you watched it??? Have you experienced that absolute wonder of THM!?

Bess: Also Bess, agreed, Prince Phillip, Flinn Rider, and the Beast are my top princes. I like a Prince who is funny and worth his salt. Also, apparently I like grumpy hairy cursed Princes with huge libraries.

Wilfair Book said...

Erika! Not yet, but probably some Saturday morning down the road. That's a quintessential Saturday morning movie at Casa Painter. Happy musicals.

Though I did go to your Pinterest and the first two pins I spied were 1) Richard Ayoade and 2) "North and South." Woot!

I can't wait to pore over all of my ladies' pins!

Kelly said...

I rarely find myself in disagreement with anyone around these parts, but come on guys, no list of crush-worthy Disney princes is complete without Prince Eric or Aladdin.

Erika I am totally with you on early Timberlake, I had a crush on him when he was in his curly frosted tips hair phase. But my first huge, convinced-I-will-actually-marry-him-one-day style crush was on Ashley Angel from O-Town of all people.

Jamila said...

It's so unoriginal, I'm ashamed, but my real I-will-marry-him crush was Joey McIntyre. I remember watching an MTV awards show and being heartbroken (like SOBBING) that he changed his hair. It wasn't so much because I didn't like his hair, but that he did it without even ASKING me about it. I needed to have input on these things.

Erika said...

Kelly, word. Aladdin should have been on my list. Also, O-town! Now I want to listen to pop music!

Alysia, I'll think of the treat your about to experience when I watch THM tonight :D

Wilfair Book said...

Kelly and Jamila: The talk of O-Town and Joey McIntyre and the curly-tipped JT fills my heart with a warm, boy band-scented glow.

And "Aladdin"! Does this mean I'm going to go listen to "A Whole New World" on repeat right now, like five times in a row? There's only one answer to that question.

Erika, believe me, I will write you when we watch it! Our next two weekends got busy but we'll be on it very soon.

Ladies, far be it from me (one of my v. favorite phrases) to redirect a lively Wilfair comments thread, but there is actually a *Later Crush* post coming up, where we may address those gentlemen or ladies we fancied as adolescents (or later).

Next week, I hope!

That said, carry on, if you like, but there'll be more in this realm soon.

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