Monty's Middle Name

Back when I was a Very Serious Young Woman of 20, I had some highly intellectual crushes. (We're going to get to other infatuations in the coming weeks, including yours, which will be f. u. n.)

I liked all sorts of people based on their intellect and their various merits and their talents and their unquantifiable soulfulness. One common factor? Some of my favorite people got famous years and sometimes decades before I arrived on this planet. The patina of time likely upped their cultural cred in my eyes but I'm so glad it did: I discovered some of my forever favorites around then.

Yves Montand was one of my big singers when I was 20. I admired the heck out of his savoir faire, confidence, and cool. He possessed a certain eye twinkle, too, that charms me no end. Comme il est beau!

So when it came time to give the three leads of Wilfair their middle names -- a running background discussion in the books -- Yves seemed a natural choice for Monty Overbove's middle name. The reluctant motelier/aspiring filmmaker is very confident to me, though maybe not as cool. (Don't tell him that.)

I also liked how "Montand" isn't all that far from Monty. :)

So here's Monty's middle-name namesake, revealed. The icon seemed a fitting namesake since Monty fancies himself a sophisticate, and, of course, Yves Montand was the ultimate sophisticate.


bess said...

Yves! I'm mostly familiar with Yves Montand because Rue St. Vincent is on the Rushmore soundtrack but Yves was one of my favorite names in French class - I don't I ever pronounced it correctly. It's certainly a dashing name, you think of Yves St. Laurent or Yves Klein. What of the mysterious X and Z, though? I have some suspicions...

Wilfair Book said...

The "Rushmore" soundtrack is the best! I listened to it until it practically disintegrated inside my CD player.

Yves is a dashing name indeed.

X and Z, coming up! In "Fairwil," that is. I try and keep the blog beefy but I like saving a few things.

Still, I'm curious about those bessian suspicions. Have at it, if you like.

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