Walking the fine line between being unbearably fussy and annoyingly picky when it comes to choosing what goes into the Wilfair books is a challenge for me.

I believe every writer lovingly handpicks everything that goes into a story, as she should, but there comes a point when one must back. Away. From. Obsessing over the smallest details.

Oof, and I do adore details. I pet them and braid their hair and feed them treats and sit them on my knee for long spells.

But one of the bigger elements of the books, the cousins' surname, was actually something I only ever intended to be a place marker for whatever their surname would eventually become.

"Overbove" entered the books early on, basically so I'd have something beyond "TBD" to use for the motel family's name.

And, yep, you could very easily read "over and above" into it. Smiley face.

But my date with choosing a different surname for Monty and Gomery kept getting pushed back as Overbove grew on me. I liked its round tones and I liked how the big O matched the little o in the guys' first names. "Ove" repeats in the name, too, and repeating things appeal to me. And I can't even get into my "v" love here. It's too deep.

By the by, how do you say this name or think it, rather? I say "Over" like "over" and "bove" to rhyme with "cove."

So, yep, a name I intended as a placeholder for two of the main characters and their moms and dads stuck, even as I fretted over much smaller stuff. Monty and Gomery are not fussers by nature -- maybe Monty, a little bit -- so I like to think they appreciate that I kept the very first surname to be bestowed upon the House of Fairwil.


Erika said...

I've been pronouncing it Overbuv in my heat but this is why I like being a part of author blogs! Now I know how it was meant to be pronounced! I also think I like OverBove better.

Elisa said...

I too have been saying Overbuv as that rhymes with love. Never thought of rhyming bove with cove. Maybe because above rhymes with love. Love the backstory :-)

Kelly said...

Add me to the list for pronouncing it wrong in my head!

I do this a lot, I was convinced for a year or so that Hermione from Harry Potter was pronounced Her-me-own. The lovely Stephen Fry narrated audiobooks eventually clued me in.

I love Overbove with either pronunciation though, so I'm glad you stuck with it!

Erika said...

Kelly... Her-me-own all the way! I spoke Bout the book to people and pronounced it that way.

Wilfair Book said...

Oh my gosh. This leads into a whole conversation about how we say things.

So charming about "Her-me-own," Kelly. I actually did know the pronunciation of Hermione, funny enough, because I'm obsessed with the movie "Gigi" and Hermione Gingold is one of the stars. But other names? Yeah, I can be colorful in the pronunciation department.

Now "Overbuv" is growing on me. I may do a podcast interview in a few weeks and I'll have to decided how to say it before then, if I say it.

Like Fair practiced saying "Gomery" in her room I may have to practice saying some of the characters' names, instead of just thinking them, as I have for so long. :)

do dah said...

1) sparkle.com? what?!

2) i also pronounced it to rhyme with love. and pronounced hermione incorrectly... despite, i think, having seen the first movie first? but this is not unusual, because if there is a way to pronounce something incorrectly -- especially by accenting the wrong syllable -- i will do it. (speaking of. alysia, how many syllables do you use in your own lovely name? because... i bet i've got that wrong in my head, too!)

Wilfair Book said...

1) Once I found a sparkle-word generator I NEVER LOOKED BACK. Spaaaarklesssss.

2. Thank you for asking. My name has three syllables: Uh-lee-sha. You can also hear it in this clip from "The Good Wife," where the main character's name gets said like three times in a matter of seconds. It starts at :18.

do dah said...

i guessed correctly! that's a first. thanks for clarifying. :)

do dah said...

and i LOVE the good wife. every character is my favorite. even though they are all awful people. and i want to be as awesome as christine baranski when i grow up. plus, lady has the best wardrobe ever.

Chantel said...

I thought it was a Dutch last name, so I've been pronouncing it over-bove-uh

Wilfair Book said...

Well hello, Chantel! Thank you for stopping by. I like that pronunciation, too. In fact, I'm sitting here at my desk saying it aloud. Over-bove-uh. It's melodic.

And do dah, I will have to give "The Good Wife" a look. What with the main character and I (sort of) sharing a name.

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